Amazon Fall Picks

Transitioning seasons is never easy, especially when you’ve been basking in the sun all summer long and life hits you with a reality check. Days are getting shorter, the wind is getting colder and leaving the coziness of your dorm room is getting more intimidating by the day. Let’s face it; fall is here, and there’s no room for the relaxed pace of summer. There’s work to get done and catching up to do! It can be stressful, but change can bring so much more.

To remind you of all the possibilities the new season brings and that catching up can be fun, we’ve put together some of the fashion trends we foresee coming strongly this season! Better yet, we’ve made sure it’s all available on Amazon, so you don’t even need to worry about leaving the warmth of your bed for this one!. It’s a win-win situation, and we want you to face the season victorious. 


Tortoise Earrings

Tortoiseshell has been a material used for luxury delicacies for centuries, and a known material for fashion accessories across many eras.

Although it’s been making appearances in the modern fashion sphere for years, this season promises to give it a definite place in your wardrobe. Feel free to experiment with novelty colorings, but we’re going for the classic, rich amber base with brown speckles to experiment with the design instead. 

Prairie Dresses

The relaxed shape and femininity of prairie dresses make them an ideal option for those mornings where you can’t be bothered with too much effort in the outfit department.

There’s nothing like a modest but feminine print to elevate a casual look, and believe it or not, this shape and print can be dressed into your favorite style. From classic to boho, to edgy or minimal, these dresses can behave like a blank canvas with the right accessories. 

Clean & Colorful Boots

Taking some cues from the minimalist direction we’ve seen lately, the simplified design of these boots make them practical and wearable.

But Fall is about reinventing, so this new trend relies on deep hues and patterns to make the style feel fresh. Make any outfit pop effortlessly by switching those Adidas with a pair of these! 

Glossy Leather

There’s no denying the appeal of rich, glossy leather.

While these last few seasons were all about the plastic-shine of patent, this Fall we focus on more gently-treated materials that emphasize the light and shadow play of leather, without compromising the softness of its texture.

Add a dimension of gentle modernism to any outfit with these picks!


Fantasy Shoes

You’ll surely get some glances if you decide to casually walk in these shoes to class, but that’s part of the appeal isn’t it?

To wear something so decadent, you’re instantly elevated from worldly concerns, like that essay you have due tomorrow. Yes, these shoes are dreamy, but they don’t have to be ridiculous or impractical.

Check out Marc Jacobs’ take on the trend, or add your favorite pair of chunky, cozy socks to make these your favorite option for your 9 a.m. 

Classic Coats 

We know, we know. These aren’t a trend, they’re your grandma’s favorite style advice. But we’re sure you have noticed that this season is a parade of outrageous and innovative options.

While we’re having trouble staying still just thinking about all the opportunities to experiment, you shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to combine these.

This is why classic coats in wool or tweed will be major this season-- we all need to make our style practical and the reassuring and familiar shapes will help you find your way through your closet.