Alyse Harris: Executive Board Member of SGC

Her Campus Ithaca College: As a newly elected member of SGC's Executive Board, what are you looking forward to working on this year? 

Alyse Harris: I am very excited for the upcoming year. We have pulled together a very strong E-board and Senate. I am so proud of how we all have come together and are starting to make things happen. I think I am most excited about all of the changes that are happening because of President Collado. Being a part of student government, we have the opportunity to make an impact on campus based on the interests of students. Having upper administration who is very supportive of what we as students want is awesome. One particular issue I am working on is the ICC. This is something that many students have been unhappy and stressed about in the past. Working with campus partners, I hope to help streamline information that makes ICC more accessible to all students. 

HCIC: What prompted you to run for SGC? 

AH: SGC is actually something I never thought I would be involved in. Last January, Carlie MClinsey reached out to me about potentially running on her ticket. One of my mentors, Marieme Foote served as Student body President las year. After several conversations with the two of them, I realized that SGC was an opportunity to learn more about Ithaca College, work in an environment that aligns with my career goals, and create positive change on campus. Ithaca College has given me so much during the past 3 years. SGC provides me a platform to give back. I am a firm believer in leaving places better than how you found them. SGC is a very direct avenue to foster change on campus. 

HCIC: What do you anticipate to be some major challenges or obstacles of the year? 

AH: One of the challenges I anticipate and have been experiencing is the learning curve. SGC is rooted in a lot of history and many college policies exist for a reason. Because this is my first year, I am still grasping some of the nuances in documents and procedures. I have been working hard through the summer catching up with all of last year’s happenings but there are still some gaps. I am so thankful that the other members on the E-board who have been patient and available whenever I have questions and have helped me fill in those gaps as I go. 

HCIC: Tell us a little bit about yourself: what are your hobbies, interests, etc (books, movies, music, etc) 

AH: I am a Junior Communication Management and Design major with minors in Educational Studies and Politics. Outside of school, I love poetry specifically performance poetry and spoken word. One of my personal goals is to one day participate in the national poetry slam. I had the opportunity to attend the National Poetry Slam this summer and it was phenomenal. I also really like hiking and being outside. I am from Colorado and as a child, I always had the mountains right at my back door. I love exploring all of the gorges here in Ithaca. I think Treman is probably my favorite. 

HCIC: Any advice for underclassmen looking to get involved in SGC? 

AH: Do It! I always encourage people to try new things. If you did student government before that is awesome, if not that is okay too. SGC really allows you to understand the interworking of Ithaca college and provides you a platform to make a change. I would also add, do not be afraid to speak up. SGC meets with lots of administrators who genuinely want to hear from students. Share and be honest.