Alternative News Sources to Counter "Alternative Facts"

2016 and 2017 has been a whirlwind of faulty information circulating on social media as well as corporate media in the US. "Fake" news has been on the rise and as a result it is difficult to find "unbias" or even relatively credible sources. To set the record straight, bias is a part of being human and all reporting is subjective. The problem is that subjectivity has moved faster and faster toward being flat out untrue, and many Americans including myself have a hard time knowing what or who to believe. 

It is impossible to look at any US News Source without our new president on every article. While there is legitimacy in constant coverage of the Oval, it is not the only place on earth and other stories tend to get covered by this overwhelming content. 

While I am not suggesting that you should stop reading and watching corporate US news (although I did), if you are looking to broaden your scope and material, there are some international options with great writing and coverage. Note that all of these will still cover US News. 

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is my first choice for international news. Based in Doho, Qatar, it is easily accessible online and the app "Al Jazeera English" will send updates to your phone for breaking news. News not covered by sources like CNN or MSNBC are frequently covered on Al Jazeera. Their regular updates and Op Eds are both phenomenal and I frequently find stories here that aren't written anywhere else. 


The BBC, or British Broadcasting Company is based out of London, UK. It is the oldest broadcasting company in the world and is relatively reliable for international news. It also has well researched articles worthy of readership. 

Global Research

Global Research is a Canadian based publication. The online outlook is less aesthetic and accessible than other news sites, but you can find everything you are looking for on this platform. Categories are broken up by topics rather than countries, and the layout is more academic than consumer based. 

It is increasingly important to stay informed. Fact check reports and sources and know where your information is coming from. As far as US based news, the New York Times and NPR are also relatively safe bets.