All The Reasons Why You Need to Watch Shrill Right Now!

Shrill is everything Girls and I Feel Pretty wanted to be, featuring a full plus-sized cast and body positive comedy. So often comedians joke about weight for cheap laughs without thinking about the consequences. Forgetting that those jokes push the belief that being fat is bad and may belittle the self-esteem of young viewers. Shrill is based on Lindy West’s novel, Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman and stars SNL favorite Aidy Bryant as Annie (a rising journalist) and English stand up comedian Lolly Adefope (a rising beautician). Annie and Fran are two best friends living together whilst navigating their careers, relationships and confidence. I personally loved Annie’s character and can relate to her passion of being a writer while trying to find her voice and self-confidence.

All the Right Angles and Outfits

Most shows you watch featuring plus-sized women either dress the characters in sunflower dresses or sad grey and mauve baggy themed clothing. Shrill goes above and beyond, finding outfits that compliment the character’s personalities and figures. Not to mention all of the shots with Annie and her best friend Fran highlight their best features. The pool party episode is by far the best in the season where Annie goes to a plus-sized only pool party and all of the characters are confident in who they are. This is so important because as a young viewer who might be plus-sized, this teaches you that you have the ability to be confident in your style and who you are.

Complex Characters and Plot

Often times plus-sized characters are depicted as meek and insecure and are meant to shadow the protagonist. Although Annie struggles with her confidence in the beginning, that doesn’t make her weak. Just in the first episode she finds out she’s pregnant and undergoes an abortion filmed very sensitively and appropriately. Pushing her to stand up to her boss, mother, and even boy she’s in a “situationship” with.

Queer Relationships with Plus Sized Women

Fran, Annie’s best friend and roommate, is also plus sized, sex-positive and queer. In the beginning, she sorts through multiple relationships until she meets another girl who’s plus sized and queer. It’s important to see this on the screen because so often it’s assumed that there’s only one way to be queer. The show combats the theory that two big women can’t fall in love. My only criticism is that I would’ve liked to see more of Fran’s character fleshed out in the show as more than just Annie’s best friend but I’m hoping if there’s a season two, Fran will get the character development and spotlight she deserves.

The Characters aren’t Overly Obsessed with Losing Weight

The show deals with disordered eating without being on the nose. Most shows with plus-sized characters either make the characters obsessive over calories to the point where it’s all the character talks about or they're lazy and don’t care about their health. Annie enjoys food but still cares about her health and deals with the pressures of being thin from her mother, an internet troll and a fitness diva among other characters.