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Activities for When Your Parents Visit Ithaca

As a first-year student, it was hard to adjust to being away from home and the two people who took care of me for the first eighteen years of my life. Luckily, my school understands this and organized a family weekend where parents and siblings could come up and see the wonders of Ithaca College. The weekend contained several concerts, meal events and even a fireworks display! But if your parents are anything like mine, they will not care much about viewing the smelly, stingy dorm rooms and will want to explore the new town that is your home.

So, if your parents do not care much for on-campus activities or crappy dining hall meals, here are some activities in the town of Ithaca that will get them excited about your new home:

1. Ithaca Commons

I have been to the Commons several times since my arrival to Ithaca but my parents had only been there once or twice, so I decided to take them. I took them shopping at Petrune and to Waffle Frolic for breakfast!

2. Ithaca Farmers Market

If there was any place I could say my parents fell completely in love with, it was the farmers market. With their locally grown fruits and vegetables and AMAZING crepes, my parents were completely breath taken by their display!

3. Buttermilk Falls

Although I had never been before, I decided to take my parents for a morning hike through the amazing scenery of Buttermilk Falls. My mother agrees with me; Ithaca is Gorges!

4. Collegetown Bagels

To wrap up the weekend and say good-bye to my parents, I took them to Collegetown Bagels across from the Ithaca Commons. Although they complained that the sandwiches had weird names and the place was far too crowded, they enjoyed the atmosphere and the wonderful preparation of their meals (and, of course, the coffee).


First year student here at Ithaca College! Exploratory major as of now but I love to write and hope I can share that with all of you!
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