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The 7 Worst “Nice Guys” on TV

If you’re unsure about what it means to be a “nice guy” let me break it down for you. A nice guy is a guy who believes because he understands the concept of manners he is entitled to be with any woman of his choosing. Here are some of the worst nice guys you can find on TV, but I promise there are still many more!

Ted Mosby

Ted Mosby is one of my least favorite nice guys. The entire series revolves around Ted’s obsession to win Robin’s love even when she has countlessly told him that she wasn’t interested. He forces his idea of romantic fate on women and bails when things don’t go his way. He even threw three parties every night for a weekend hoping Robin would show up despite his friend Marshall having to study for his bar exam.

What a jerk! Who could be mean to Marshall?

Ross Geller

Ross is probably the king of the nice guys. Ross pined over Rachel from the time they were in high school into adulthood. He constantly criticized the men she dated only because he was upset she wasn’t dating him. When they finally ended up together, Ross became a jealous control freak, belittling Rachel for trying to make a career for herself and inappropriately sending her romantic gifts at work so her co-workers wouldn’t flirt with her.

After all of this, he ends up cheating on Rachel anyway, sparking the infamous line “we were on a break!”

Jim Halpert

This one may come as a shock to some of you if you’re fans of Pam and Jim, but Jim Halpert is just as bad as the rest of the nice guys. He was an awful boyfriend to Karen and broke up with Katy while on a boat! He was self-centered and whiny when he started working in Philadelphia, and Pam was totally right to be upset.

George O’ Malley

When I first watched Grey’s Anatomy, I sincerely thought George was a sweet quirky character with a harmless crush on Meredith. That is until Meredith is particularly vulnerable one night and George sleeps with her fully aware that she isn’t in the right mindset. When she starts crying, he storms off, moves out and doesn’t talk to her. The weirdest part is how everyone’s on George’s side and thinks Meredith should apologize to George for not enjoying sex with him. That’s right, this isn’t a joke! And c’mon, George was fully aware Meredith had feelings for McDreamy, he should’ve gotten the hint and backed off. There’s a difference between coping with rejection and pining because you feel you’re entitled to being with someone.  

Archie Andrews

Do I even need to explain this one? Veronica could do a million times better than Archie, who puts the bare minimum into their relationship. Not to mention that whole thing with him telling Betty he wasn’t interested and then when she was happily settled down with his friend Jughead all of a sudden he was ready to break things off with Veronica and go out with her.

Dan Humphrey

I know I’m going to get a lot of backlash about this one but c’mon, Dan was such a “nice guy.” At first, he came off very sweet and caring by standing by Serena during her family drama, but after a while, he turns into a manipulative jerk. He constantly belittles Serena’s dreams, friends and life choices. Not to mention during his entire high school obsessed with Serena because she once acknowledged his existence at some party.

Damon Salvatore

You know I had to! Where do I even begin with this one? If you go back to the early seasons, Damon has a trail of girls that he manipulated and used to do his bidding. Do you remember when he fed on Caroline for almost the entire first season? When he finally ends up with Elena, they’re in the most toxic relationship of the show, and they even admit this multiple times before their multiple breakups. Damon and Elena were bad for each other.

Would you still want to date any of these guys?

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