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7 Reasons Why We Love Anne Hathaway

As the 85th Annual Academy Awards approaches, it is also the time to discuss the movie stars that are making this ceremony possible. This year, Anne Hathaway is definitely one of the first people we think of in regards to winning after her superior performance as Fantine in Les Miserables. However, it is not just because of this motion picture that we appreciate the lovely lady; ever since she rocked high socks in The Princess Diaries back in 2001, we have adored everything about “Annie”.

Therefore, here seven reasons why we love this gifted actress:

1. Anne makes being awkward royal. Let’s be honest here, Anne Hathaway was the first real-life Disney princess (sorry Amy Adams). She taught so many young girls that you don’t have to be the prettiest or the most popular to be a royal success. Anne made Mia Thermopolis a pop culture icon, even through all the trips, falls, and foot popping. Thanks to Miss Anne, The Princess Diaries has secured a spot in our favorite Disney classics.

2. Anne works with the best co-stars.  There’s no question that Anne works with the best in the business: from Meryl Streep to Julie Andrews to Hugh Jackman to Jake Gyllenhaal to Christian Bale to Kate Hudson (just to name a few). But don’t worry, Anne holds her own in every scene she is in. Anne might have just worked with everyone in Hollywood and it’s no surprise why.

3. Anne sings like an angel. If you have not heard “I Dreamed A Dream” yet, I suggest you click this YouTube link right now. While actors and actresses are supposed to be triple threats, Anne Hathaway is more than that. “I Dreamed A Dream” will have you in tears and chills after the first few notes. Not only is her voice beautiful, but her acting skills during the song were beyond my expectations. Anne was able to cry and sing on pitch all in one take. If that is not talent, I am not sure what else is.

4. Anne is bold. First of all, Anne Hathaway was fierce as Catwoman. After I watched The Dark Knight Rises I thought of Anne as the world’s coolest person. Seriously, who would have thought that clumsy Mia would be sexy Catwoman? To say that Anne is versatile is an understatement. Also, who else would sacrifice their beautiful brunette locks for a film that would only take three months to film (she cut it off for Les Miserables)? Anne would, because she is that dedicated to and passionate about what she does.

5. Anne has style. Even with her short pixie cut, Anne sure knows how to rock it. She has a great fashion sense (even with her occasional malfunctions). I am excited to see what this superstar wears on Sunday.

6. Anne creates timeless films. I could not name a movie that Anne was in that I did not like.  The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada, Bride Wars, and Les Miserables will forever be my favorites, but there are plenty of others that Anne was stellar in.

7. Anne is a lovable person. Anne has only been a wife since September, yet she seems like a great one. I have heard about the way she talks about her husband, Adam Shulman, and it solely out of love. Anne seems like she is also a great friend through her strong relationships with her co-stars, like Amanda Seyfried and Emily Blunt.

Anne is funny, clever, pretty, talented, and versatile. I hope Sunday night Anne will finally get what she deserves. You know what they say, “miracles happen!”

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