5 Ways to do Halloween, Covid-Style

Halloween may look a little different this year, but here are six fun and Covid friendly ways to celebrate it this year!

  1. 1. Have a Movie Night!

    turned on LED movie projector

    This might be the most tried and true method, but you can’t go wrong with a Halloween movie night, whether you prefer spooky cartoons or you’re a horror fanatic. You can even do this with far-away friends using an app like Netflix Party or Scener!

  2. 2. Reverse Trick-or-Treat

    Depending on where you live, Trick-or-Treating might not be an option for the kids around your neighborhood. If it is, you and your family or friends could make individual grab bags to put on your porch to help reduce potential risks. Or, you could deliver individual grab bags to your neighbor’s porches. Just make sure you are washing your hands and wearing your mask when you’re packing them up!

  3. 3. Set Up a Halloween Photoshoot

    Two Ghosts Standing in Front of a Brick Wall

    Maybe your favorite part of Halloween is the costumes. If you’re missing the chance to show off your costume handiwork this year, consider grabbing a friend and having a costume photoshoot! Then you can show off your costume without the party. Or maybe you didn’t bother to do a costume this year; you could hop on the ghost photoshoot trend on TikTok!

  4. 4. Have a Pinterest-Worthy Halloween Bake-off

    pumpkin pie on table, fall meal

    One of the best parts of Halloween is the tasty treats. This year you could grab a friend or family member, either in person or over Zoom, and challenge them to a spooky bake-off! If they come out terribly, you’ll have a good laugh, and any way they come out, they’re bound to taste great!

  5. 5. Create a Themed Dinner

    Brown Acorn Near Clear Long Stem Wine Glass

    If you’re feeling really festive, corral your family or your roommates into a Halloween-themed dinner! Just putting on a costume adds a lot of excitement to an otherwise normal dinner, but you can take it to the next level by adding Halloween decor and thinking of spooky pun names for all your foods.

  6. 6. Get Your Brain Working

    magic cards surrounded by flowers and bug

    If you and those around you are really dedicated, you could buy a murder mystery or escape room game to play. You can add extra Halloween flair by dressing up as your game character. The spookier the game you choose is, the better!

Have fun and stay safe!