5 Tips for Dealing with Crutches on Campus

Crutches on campus is not fun. There's no question about it. Crutches in general are not fun, especially when sudden and unexpected (such as an unfortunate slip on ice). No matter what it's a little tragic, but here are some tips to make it feel less so. After all, time doesn't stop just because you do. 

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1. It’s Okay to Take a Breather

If you’re anything like me, you’re not used to extremely strenuous activity during the average school day. Using crutches gives you the cardio and strength training workout you never asked for. Be sure to take whatever breathers you need to take. Either plan ahead for these small breaks or let your professors know you’ll be late. They’re generally very understanding especially considering the fact that everyone looks a little sad with a heavy backpack on hopping their way to classes.

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2. Make Sure You Learn the Proper Way to Use Crutches

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Most of your weight should always be on your hands/forearms rather than your armpit. Keep this in mind even when you’re taking a break. It does hurt a bit for the first few days to the point you think your arms are going to fall out, but trust me: the armpit bruises aren’t worth it. To add salt in your wounds, you can actually damage the nerves in your armpits by putting too much weight on it. You’ve been warned.

3. Get a handicap parking permit

Generally, campus police should help you a bit until you can get it, but they’re also not that kind. Make sure to go to your doctor and have them sign the sheet you need to get that permit. From then on, you simply need to hand the sheet to the right person at either the DMV or offices around you that give out those permits. It sounds difficult, but a little bit of googling can keep you from suffering the same long distances on crutches.

4. Ask for help

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Again, if you’re anything like me, asking for help stresses you out. Don’t let it. You truly do need it now, not that you didn’t before, but this time everyone can see you need help. The fact your burdens are visible should make it easier to ask for help, but if it doesn’t, think about it. If your friend were suddenly trapped in the boxy jail that is "crutches" would you even question helping them out? If you’re a good friend, the answer should be no. If you’re not, still ask for help! Not all doors have a handicap button to stab with the bottom of a crutch. Don’t break your other leg trying to get it open. Just ask.

5. Don’t forget your normal habits

Image result for keep doing youDo what you must do to survive. Just because you are on crutches doesn’t mean you’re not you. Continue as well as you can with daily activities. Drink your 8 glasses of water (or more considering how much of a workout crutches are). Eat your fruits and veggies. Meditate. Sleep the whole 9 hours you need to function. Make yourself feel pretty, valued, and rested.


You’ve got this! And if you’re a friend and/or acquaintance of said crutches user, please help them out (even if they’re too stubborn to ask for it)! As the famous and beautiful Dory says,

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