5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Dorm For The Holidays

Summer came and went, Fall appeared for a little and then the first snow happened and that means it's officially...HOLIDAY SEASON! If you are anything like me I would call this my favorite time of year. There isn’t any reason not to love it (well besides the ruthless drivers at the mall who will fight for that parking spot). There's so much food, families come together, ice skating, hot chocolate, gift giving and receiving, and for once everyone is happy. At home, there are certain things that make it feel like the holidays and puts everyone in a happy mood. It might be the buying of the Christmas tree, the smell of latkes or the black, green and red candles of Kwanza. But now, most of us aren’t home for the start of the holiday season so we have to come up with ways to get those same joyful feelings here in our dorms - our new homes.


Disclaimer: before trying any of these ideas check with your schools' residential life fire codes to avoid any issues!


Idea No. One: String lights

String lights are basically in every dorm room already, but now they can create that festive mood! There’s a million different ways to use the string lights you can…

  • Hang them on the wall and give your room a cozy feel

  • Buy festive shaped lights such as snowflakes

  • Wrap multicolored lights around your bedpost

  • Ultra cuteness, stick a small strand in a mason jar

Idea No. 2:  Wrapping Paper

This is one of my favorite things to see through dorm halls. Wrapping your dorm door like a present. Not only is this festive but how can you not come home after classes and smile after seeing a large present that also happens to be your door?

Idea No. 3:  Baking Cookies

This isn’t only perfect in the holiday season, but it always seems to be more fun to bake when it’s snowing outside. Check out this link for 15 fun winter cookies. Sure, this may not be a way to decorate your dorm, but what are you suppose to eat while decorating? Plus, your room will smell amazing when you bring some freshly baked cookies inside.

Idea No. 4: Cutting out Snowflakes

Now, this idea comes from all the elementary teachers' whose classes were decorated with our art. This is another simple and festive way to decorate the dorm. Simply fold a piece of paper in half multiple times and cut shapes out of it. Personally, I love hanging them on the window so the light catches them. An extra way to spice it up is to use tissue paper for a “stained glass” effect.

Idea No. 5: Festive Pillows

Comfy and festive! What more do you need? Amazon has a great selection of holiday throw pillows. Adding a few of these to your bed will instantly add the perfect amount of holiday cheer to your dorm room.