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4 Products Companies Made Up Just to Make Money

It’s no secret that big businesses like Google, Apple and General Electric make a ton of money off of the products they sell to us. These companies know what we want and they continue to deliever to their customers. But unfortunately, some companies make big claims about new products and, despite what they tell you, you don’t need to buy what they’re selling. Sometimes they make up items to sell to people just to make money, not because they actually do anything too important. Don’t waste your money on the following products!


Believe it or not, mouthwash is a scam. If you brush and floss, you don’t need to waste your money on this extra step. You’re not benefitting from using mouthwash besides having temporary fresh breath, which you can get after just brushing your teeth.

Excessive SPF in Sunscreen

This is a perfect example of companies putting out products that are completely unnecessary. It has been scientifically proven that any sunscreen above an SPF of 30 does nothing more to help protect you from the sun. You don’t need to buy any sunscreen that says anything higher than an SPF of 30.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Related to the mouthwash one, my dentist told me about this one recently. I asked her about teeth whitening strips and she told me they don’t do a very good job, and they can be harmful and abrasive on your teeth. She told me to just stick to consistent teeth brushing.

Expensive Computer Programs/Virus Protection

There are plenty of cheaper options for pricey computer add-ons, so don’t splurge on them when you don’t have to. Google Docs is a reliable alternative to Microsoft Word, and inexpenisve and often free virus protection services are available if you search for them, such as AVG and Avast. Don’t get sucked in to spending too much on what you don’t need!

I am a Freshman at Ithaca College with a major in Psychology. I'm a member of Ithaca's Honors Program. I have a great passion for women's rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and human rights in general. When I'm not doing schoolwork, I'm probably catching up on the latest Jeffree Star video or binge-watching Jenna Marbles until sunrise.
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