2019 Is The Throwback Year

2019 has officially become the year of throwbacks.

In case you've been living under a rock for the last couple months, I'll take you through all the moments that have made 2019 feel like 2007 again. 


1. The Jonas Brothers are back together

Peep these cuties from 2007! These preteen hearthrobs are now all grown up, married and making music again!! For anyone that doesn't rember the Jonas Brothers were a pop rock band that formed in 2005 consisting of Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. Hailing from Wyckoff, New Jersey the three brothers signed with Disney records and had cameos on shows like Hannah Montana before getting their own show Jonas and their own movie Camp Rock. After fading out of stardom and having their band breakup due to a deep rift in the band the Jonas Brothers are back in the limelight together. Yet during their time apart each brother catered to their fans; Nick Jonas launched a solo career with some chart-topping songs, Joe Jonas formed another band DNCE that was also very successful and Kevin launched his own reality tv show Married To Jonas and we will always remember the lonely Kevin memes.

So much hype has surrounded their reunion from rumors to a week long special on James Corden's The Late Late Show. They even performed a rendition of one of their hit singles Year 3000 with James Corden which will have you bopping along remembering how things have changed in the year 2019.

But surprisingly the Jonas Brothers lived up to the tremendous hype when they dropped their first single Sucker.

This JB fan is definitely looking forward to more songs from the brother group in the future!

2. Miley Cyrus has Hannah Montana Hair

In case you spent the 2000's under a rock, I will explain Hannah Montana for you. In 2006 Disney launched one of its best shows Hannah Montana. The premise of the show was Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) wanted to be a normal teenager while she also rised to stardom, so she created an alter ego with a blonde wig named, Hannah Montana. Both Miley and Hannah became icons for young girls with barbie dolls, clothing lines and decorations hitting the markets so every little girls could have the best of both worlds. I also remember dancing along to songs from the show in my room far too many times to count. After the show ended, Miley tried to distance herself from Disney and launch her own music career. While she went through the pains of growing up and an identity crisis completely in the limelight, she came out on top with a successful music career. 

Yet only a few days ago Miley Cyrus got a new haircut to completely match her alter ego Hannah Montana and according to her twitter she is thriving with the change!

3. Aly & Aj are making bops again

In case you don't remember Aly & Aj, they were another Disney orignial musical duo. Most notably, the twin sisters starred in the movie Cow Bells but they also produced classic bops featured in so many Disney movies. Their most recognizable song being Potential Breakup Song or Into The Rush. The duo maybe didn't make it to the hype that Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers did, but they definitely deserved it! With their angelic sound mixed with retro electronic music they launched an EP in 2017 called Ten Years in reference to the roughly ten year haitus they've taken from show business and I swear every somg on it is worth listening to. 

And this year the sisters are promising more to come by dropping another single, and promising a tour in the future! I defintely can't wait!

2019 has had some amazing throwbacks but the year is only halfway through and I'm defintely looking forward to more throwbacks in the future!