12 Things Every Jew Is Tired of Hearing in December

1. “I’m sorry, does it offend you if I say ‘Merry Christmas’?”


2. “Well, at least you get to celebrate Hanukkah!”

Hanukkah this year is December 6-14. Not only are we not on break, it is the last week of classes before finals. The only thing I’m going to be celebrating is my coffee supply lasting eight days.


3. “Is Hanukkah like the Jewish Christmas?”

You tell me how someone being born and starting a religion and really good oil helping people who already existed are the same.


4. “Were you the one who told your friends growing up that Santa wasn’t real?”

You have no idea.


5. “Do you sometimes wish you could celebrate Christmas?”


As a poor college student, do I wish I was obligated to a holiday requiring me to spend money giving my friends/family useless things they don’t need when I can barely afford Ramen?


6. “So do you just like, not get presents?”

Last I checked, December 25th did not have a monopoly on presents.


7. “So you must get a present every night, right?”

I mean there are 12 days of Christmas so you tell me. 


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