10 Reasons Why Saved by the Bell Will Always Be the Best Show

It’s all right because I’m saved by the bell

  1. 1. They Made Fourth Wall Breaking Cool

    Zack’s infamous “Time Out!” brought about a cool and interesting new way on TV for characters to engage with the audience. Now everyone and their mother is doing it, but Saved by the Bell was one of the pioneers. 


  2. 2. It Taught Us About Friendship

    I can’t be the only one that still belts out “Friends Forever” from the greatest band of all time, Zack Attack. In all seriousness, Saved by the Bell centered around friendship and just being there for your pal no matter what- a lesson that will always be appreciated.


  3. 3. It Birthed an Icon

    Kelly Kapowski. That’s it. She was THAT girl! From her rollercoaster relationship with Zack to serving looks, Kelly was what every girl wanted to be and every guy wanted to date...even to this day!


  4. 4. The Fashion Game Was Way Too Strong

    Speaking of looks, Lisa Turtle always graced our screens with fun and unique (just the epitome of the 90s) every episode!


  5. 5. Feminism Did Not Take A Back Seat

    Jessie Spano was the ultimate 90s feminist. Most of her lines consisted of calling out guys’ sexism and how society unfairly treats women. Talk about girl power!


  6. 6. A Couple to Root For

    Before Cory and Topanga, it was Zack and Kelly. These two made us laugh, cry, scream over the course of the series. Who can forget when Kelly flirted with her boss and dumped Zack at the dance? Or when Zack prepared a prom for Kelly when she couldn’t afford to go? I’m not sobbing, you are!


  7. 7. They Got Serious Too

    Saved by the Bell was a cute little show, but it did talk about real issues. It was one of the first of its kind to discuss addiction, drugs, homelessness, etc. Jessie Spano basically invented “I’m So Excited”.


  8. 8. They Gave Us Mario Lopez In A Leotard

    One of the best episodes of Saved by the Bell is Breaking Up is Hard to Undo without a doubt. Our favorite gang manages to give us drama, laughs, and that infamous ballet scene.


  9. 9.  It Took Risks

    What other show can you say has an episode that features a hip hop version of Snow White? It was basically the Hamilton before Hamilton.


  10. 10. It’s Legacy Lives On

    I am a 2000s baby, sadly I did not experience watching Saved by the Bell while it was still on the air. However, it has never left the audience's minds since it ended in 1994. From Jimmy Fallon’s reunion skit in 2015 to even more recent news of a reboot in 2020 (after almost 25 years), this show will continue to live on forever.