10 Most Instagrammable Places in Ithaca

Ithaca, New York may not be the place most Instagram influencers go for some ‘grammable pics but they are overlooking an absolutely beautiful place.


  1. 1. Gorges

    As the saying goes, “Ithaca is GORGES” There’s some debate as to where this photo was taken as there are so many gorges in Ithaca but I am sure this is either Buttermilk Falls or Watkins Glen. However, this is definitely not one of the places you can legally swim in either gorge so before you do it for the ‘gram make sure you’re putting your safety first.


  2. 2. Taughannock Falls in the Winter

    If you’re looking for an instagrammable pic in the winter definitely check out Taughannock falls. This fall is huge making it majestic in any season but in the winter it turns into a winter wonderland that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale.

  3. 3. Ithaca’s Farmers Market

    Not only is the food DELICIOUS but the Farmers Market is actually goals when it comes to your feed. With rustic wood interior, the string lights, all the fresh food, and flowers, plus the lake there are so many opportunities for the cutest photos. That’s why so many couples choose to get married right in the farmers market!


  4. 4. Ithaca Murals

    There are so many murals in Ithaca and it feels like a new one appears every day! Grab your crew and a camera and go mural hunting!


  5. 5. The State Theatre

    Call me nostalgic but something about an old theater makes me so happy. For a picture that seems like you’ve traveled back in time or if vintage is your aesthetic I definitely recommend using this as your backdrop.


  6. 6. Cayuga Sound Festival

    That’s right! Ithaca has its own music festival! Starting in 2017 the X Ambassadors began hosting a music festival in September right on Cayuga Lake. Unfortunately, they are taking a break this year to promote their newest album but fingers crossed they come back in 2020!


  7. 7. Ithaca College Fountains

    I don’t think I would be a true bomber if I did not include the fountains! This is one of my favorite photos by far, I love how IC’s campus overlooks Cayuga Lake and the sunset only makes it all the more beautiful. 


  8. 8. The Johnson Museum, Cornell University

    The Johnson Museum is located at Cornell University and has been there since 1973! With so many arts exhibits its a great place to be when the weather is not so great. The different picture frames on this wall make it a great photoshoot backdrop for some quirky photos. 


  9. 9. Indian Creek Farm

    Now you may not look as cute as this baby when you go apple picking but you can sure try. Indian Creek Farm is the best place in Ithaca to go apple picking and makes for a fun photoshoot as well! With so many different activities and props around. I personally love their flower field where you can pick out and buy a bouquet you’ve made yourself and take some cute photos along the way! They also sell apple cider donuts for your post-photoshoot munchies which are absolutely delicious.

  10. 10. Any Ithaca Festival

    Ithaca has so many festivals, from Apple fest to Wizarding Weekend, to Ice Fest and so on and they all make for great photos. When else would you be able to post pictures of so many apples for the fall or next to ice sculptures in the winter? 


There are so many places to take great photos in Ithaca, tell us some of your favorites in the comments!