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Meet Abhi- the next BIG thing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Iowa State chapter.

Relationship status: Single

Hometown: Nainital, India

Age/year: 20, Junior

Major: Industrial Engineering

Campus organizations: Society of International Engineers, Indian Student Association, Sigma Phi Epsilon

Post-Graduate Plans: As of now move to LA, California and hit the music scene hard. Maybe for the first year take the year off and just do music by auditioning for bands, theater productions just to see what I can find out there. If not I’ll look for a sales engineering job and pursue music on the side.

Dream Job: Easy, a musician.

Proudest Moment: Making the Dean’s list in engineering. Engineering is something I’m good at but I’m not passionate about so it was a big deal when I made the list.

Favorite Memory from Freshmen Year: Winning Varieties. We were paired with Chi Omega, I was co-chair and I also played the lead. It was nuts.

Number one thing on your bucket list: Tour the world with my parents and my sister. I love my family so much and I miss being a kid and spending time with them. I want to do that all over again because now I can definitely appreciate them more.

Words to live by: A year from now you will wish you started today. 

Fun fact: I can speak four languages: Japanese Hindi, French, and English. I used to live in Japan and you have to know Japanese if you want to survive. In high school I took French and I killed it on the AP exam.

Biggest role model: My grandfather and my dad. Without my grandfather none of this would have been possible. His parents died when he was about four years old and he pretty much taught himself math and went on to become a really big college professor. Because of my grandfather my dad became an engineer. Their lives really taught me that having things like a Macbook or iPhone is all superficial. It’s all about what’s in your head and heart that really matters.

Favorite Food: Thai food

Hobbies: I love music, reading, and Breaking Bad.

Three words or phrases that describe you: passionate, strong values, and love—you can’t do anything in this world without love.

Best advice you’ve ever been given: Why be good if you can be great?

What you’re looking for to most this year: I’m producing a professional music video right now for a single that I’m going to release next semester. I’m really excited about that.

Best pick-up line: I am horrible with girls. I kid you not I actually said this to a girl, there was a moment and I looked into her eyes and I said, “You have good eyes.” It didn’t go any further than that.

Celebrity Crush: I don’t have a celebrity crush but I do have a musical talent crush—Chris Martin, I really adore his work because I wish I could play piano like him.

Ideal first date: Mountain biking with a girl who was really into mountain biking. We would hit up some dirt trails, during our breaks we would just talk and eat apples. Either that or a girl who was super into music and wanted to have a jam session.

Biggest turn-on: Brains. What I mean is substance, not just a pretty face but I definitely look for a girl who is interesting and passionate about something.

Biggest turn-off: Being too drunk at parties.

Something not many people know about you: That I’ve lived in multiple countries. People usually expect me to have an accent of some sort and are really skeptical when I tell them I’ve lived in India, Japan, in addition to the states.

Most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in front of a girl: I’ve done a lot of embarrassing things. When I was in Japan, I asked a girl out to a dance for the first time. I only did it because I knew she would say yes in front of my friends. When it came to the day of the dance and I never showed up because I was so nervous.

Way to your heart: Chocolates… Honestly, I don’t know because it’s never happened.


Check out some of his music here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tZlw6z9ryM