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Iowa State Her Campus Ladies

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Iowa State chapter.

With Her Campus newly launching at Iowa State University, I wanted to introduce the editors- Jessica Wilson (Jessi) and myself, Mary Kate Knabel (MK)- as this week’s Campus Celebrity.

Although neither of us feel worthy of the title, we wanted to make ourselves known before we slip behind-the-scenes in the upcoming weeks with Her Campus. Jessi, a sophomore double majoring in Journalism and Apparel Merchandising, wears many hats as a student at Iowa State University.

With positions as the Style Section editor at the campus newspaper, Trend For Men Editor at the campus magazine, Greek woman, and within multiple other industry related-involvements, Jessi knows her stuff. She writes her own blog (thestylishprint.com). On top of it all, she is a great friend who I am excited to work alongside this semester.

I myself am a sophomore majoring in Apparel Merchandising with minors in Event Management and Journalism. On campus, I am a Fashion Director for Trend Magazine, write for the Style Section, and have been involved with The Fashion Show at Iowa State. Keeping up with my own blog (trendtakeover.com), working with various accessory and fashion companies, being a part of Greek life, and squeezing in some exercise and friend time are what occupy my days.

On behalf of both Editors, we are excited to bring this My Campus chapter to life and offer our take on Iowa State University. It has been a pleasure to introduce ourselves, and we look forward to staying behind-the-scenes while creating some fabulous articles and content in the future.