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Amy Turner the Equestrian Girl

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Iowa State chapter.

Name: Amy Turner

Year: Junior 

Major: Animal Science/Pre-Vet

Hobbies: Riding, training, and showing horses, managing and breeding Boer goats, and cheering on the Cyclones at various Iowa State events.

Involvement on campus: Pre-Vet Club, intermural sports, VEISHA, Nearly Naked Mile

She is a campus celebrity because: Amy is well-rounded and can befriend anyone. By dipping her foot into many waters, she has met many people who remember her after just one encounter.

Amy has done her fair share of various activities around Iowa State’s campus—from watching free movies in Carver, to taking a karate class, to jumping the fence at Jack Trice when ISU beat Oklahoma State.


I'm a junior at Iowa State. I'm a diabetic. I'm left handed. I dislike feet and love shoes. I drag race, knit, and mentor diabetic kids. You can get at me on any of the following: Pinterest Facebook Tumblr Instagram Twitter