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Women of the world

International Women’s Day celebrates everything women have gone through, continue to go through, and how they have achieved success over time. There has been progress towards there future for women, such as progressing in the technology field, where women can learn about code, and programming, etc. In the past, women were thought of to be only house wives, taking care of the children, keeping the house clean and being in the kitchen while the husband did all the working. The main jobs were being a nurse, or teacher, among others. But now that has changed and there is more variety for women in the workplace, jobs have been more accepting of having women integrated into them. Empowering women have shown what it means to fight for their rights, they have gone against the societal norm in hopes that one day their power can be seen, that they can be heard and be given the equality that they deserve. We as women should support each other, build each other up, and go against those that think that women are fragile, and weak, etc. Showing them just how brave women can be and how strong, as well. Women are capable of so many things in many areas, we have strength in our minds, our hearts, we are warriors that do not cease to fight against what we believe in, or in what is right. A woman ran for President of the United States, and although she lost, that showed just how much determination women have when they truly want something. When we have a goal in mind, we try to make that goal something we can achieve, something that will be able to change lives wherever we are in the world, for just one act of kindness, can start a movement towards a brighter future for every woman around the world. It starts with knowing what we deserve, and fighting for that right until it is achieved. It then goes to developing ideas, keeping the mindset of what a woman is capable of in this world, and once that idea is planted and set into motion it will be for the better for us women. Together, women from all over can make a difference, a change in the world for the better.

I am currently a senior at the University of Oregon pursuing a degree in Advertising. I'm originally from Orange County, but as always- Go Ducks!
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