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What Makes You Beautiful

Since the day we were born, our mothers take care of us not matter how sick and tired they are and thanks to them we learn how to be caring and stronger. As we grow, our mothers teach us how to be independent and face our life challenges with courage and wisdom; as a popular quote says, “My momma didn’t raise no fool”. During our life as women, society wants to dictate our fashion style, life styles, and regulate our lives with the constant body-shaming and the choices about our careers and relationships. All those issues make us think about “What makes us beautiful? Why are my lifestyle choices not accepted? And what does it mean being beautiful?”. All those insecurities invade our minds and we start to feel lonely and depressed and we even may make horrible choices such as bulimia or anorexia. We need to stop that bad thinking and start to think wisely about “What really makes us beautiful?”.

For me, it’s about loving ourselves; because if you learn to love yourself, you can love everybody. It’s not the concept of beauty according what says the society or the fashion magazines; it is starting to accept your body just the way you are and loving your fashion style choices and embrace them, not matter what people say about you. Also, it’s about the way you treat people, because all of us have a way to inspire others with our acts of kindness, loyalty and friendship. As a woman, we must be brave enough to fight against those issues that don’t help us to follow our dreams and keep inspiring others so they can have faith in themselves and start working together for a better world without discrimination. We need to empower women and start loving themselves and respect others, so we can work together and fight against inequality and body shaming. As Lady Gaga says “Be yourself and love who you are, and be proud because were born this way”.  





Crystal Ufret is currently a Masters Degree student of the Professional Counseling program. She's a sorority girl of the Nu Delta Sigma and a brother of the National Fraternity of Service Alpha Phi Omega. Also, she's a member of the Lions Club International and the Junior Chamber International (Puerto Rico). Her favorite authors are Esmeralda Santiago, Paulo Coelho and Maya Angelou. She enjoys cooking, traveling and doing handmade jewelry. 
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