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Six Netflix Original’s Films to Enjoy this Valentine’s Day

During the last few years, we’ve seen the growth of streaming services, such as Netflix. This platform is famous for  their original content, which includes  shows and movies. While most people enjoy their original shows, the company has expanded their selection of movies as well. Movies can help us set the mood for a nice evening. If you are looking for good content to watch this Valentine’s day, whether is with your significant other or not, here are six Netflix Originals to enjoy. 

Falling Inn Love (2019)

If you enjoy some Hallmark movies, but wish they weren’t set on winter and for them to at least try to be diverse: this is the perfect Romance for you to watch this February 14. This story starts Gabriela (plated by Christina Milian) who is living in San Francisco in a dead-end relationship with a guy named Dean. Everything seems very neutral until she loses her job without any notice. Gabriella seems to receive spam mail, which ended up being legit, as she inherits an inn in New Zealand. Where the kindness of people, one person, leads her to wonder if she maybe didn’t find a distraction or a single project, but perhaps a new home. It’s the perfect romance for anyone looking for that fuzzy feeling.

Set It Up (2019)

If you love a good Romantic Comedy more than you would enjoy Romance, this one goes on top of the list for recommendations. Set It Up tells us the story of Harper and Charlie, who are the young and overworked assistants to Kristen and Rick. When Charlie and Harper meet, they realize they have a lot in common by working for their bosses and having no time for personal lives. Charlie decides to joke and say that both of their bosses need to get physically intimate. This leads to Harper having an idea to try to set their bosses up. After all, they know everything about them and control their calendars. This movie is great for those who enjoy and good Rom-com with cheesy, yet quotable lines.

When We First Met (2018)

Speaking of a good Rom-com, one that really gives us something good with the best-friend-in-love trope was this one. Adam DeVine brings his charismatic persona to play Noah, our main character who happens to be in love with his best friend Avery… and we get to learn this while seeing her engagement party with her fiancé Ethan.  After discovering a way to alter the past, Noah makes play after play for Avery — sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing, but always, inexplicably ending up in the exact same place he started. This movie definitely gives more laughs than romance, but still keeps our hearts warm.

Always Be My Maybe (2019)

If you enjoy the trope best-friends-to-lovers, this is the movie for you. Sasha Tran and Marcus Kim are childhood best friends. After sleeping together they have a big falling-out, only ever finding each other sixteen years later; when Marcus is still working with his father and Sasha is now a celebrity chef who returns to open her second restaurant. The two reconnect, but even as sparks fly between them, they have difficulty reconciling their now vastly different life paths. 

Someone Great (2019)

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t only be focused on romance. If you’re looking for a story filled with beautiful-yet funny- friendship and lots of self-love: Someone Great tells the story you might want to watch. It tells the story of Jenny Young, an aspiring music journalist who’s about to move from New York City to San Francisco. A short time before she is about to leave, her boyfriend, Nate, decides they need to break up, leaving her shocked and confused. Jenny recruits her two best friends, Erin and prim Blair for one last outrageous girls' night at a music festival they used to frequent in college. Along the way, they confront their own issues with relationships, each other, and growing up.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before (2018)

For the teenager inside us, this is story (based on the book by the same name) of Lara Jean Covey and her beautiful love letters. Lara Jean has written five love letters to the most intense crushes of her life, including her childhood friend and crush Josh, who is dating her older sister Margot. Concerned for her social life, her younger sister, Kitty, sends out the letters to their intended recipients — one of whom is Peter Kavinsky. Peter approaches Lara Jean with a proposition: they fake-date to get Josh, Genevieve, and the rest of the school off their backs. Another wonderful trope all Romance fans love; and all this with a new sequel that just premiered on Netflix this exact week. 

Hope everyone enjoys this short list and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. 

Adamaris is a Visual Arts major student with a concentration in Graphic Design and a minor in English Literature. Her interests include film and cinema, drawing , writing , poetry, photography, women studies and the environment.
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