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A Shopaholic’s Heaven: Cyber Monday

To all my fashionistas, the best time of the year has arrived and it is not Black Friday! On November 27, Cyber Monday will come upon us and empty our wallets. Will there be regrets? Maybe but the amount of money we will save through the cyber sales will make us forget about our regrets. As a shopaholic, I have a very hard time saying no to Cyber Monday since they have the best deals and every year, I experiment with a new site. With the holidays coming soon, it is never too early to buy gifts for half the original price.

 The perks of Cyber Monday shopping are that you do not have to wait in line early in the morning and you can do it in the comfort of your own bed. You can even, sneakily, do it at work or college. There is no possible way you can miss these deals. So here are websites that I have shopped previous years and have not disappointed me:


  1. Sephora


Every person out there knows what Sephora is. Sephora carries out great high-end brands that are worth the prize. Sephora usually sells value sets that include multiple products for a good price. If you feel like Sephora does not carry good enough deals on Cyber Monday, try going on the brands’ sites since there is a better chance for a better sale.

TARTE Limited-Edition Treasure Box Collector’s Set (Value of $433.0) $59.00



  1. Go Jane


Naturally, Go Jane has constant deals that make it an inexpensive clothing store. But, on Cyber Monday, you find deals on deals. There is a constant sale and most things you look at are in stock and in most sizes. This online boutique carries trends of the moment for you to be always in style.


  1. Charlotte Russe


Even though Charlotte Russe is one of those stores you can find easily in a mall, their Cyber Monday sale is out of this world. Their prices drop thanks to 30 to 50% off items and this store is already considered inexpensive. I once got eight items and it was under $125, which is my book I would consider a steal.

  1. Forever 21


Forever 21 is one of those stores that it is so HUGE that can induce anxiety. There are so many areas from shoes to Men’s to Plus size. But if you hate large crowds and GREAT sales, shop online. They are very on trend and inexpensive. You are more likely to save a lot money in the sale area since their focus is to get rid of old trends.


There are millions of sites that will offer amazing deals for apparel, electronics, furniture, and literally anything you have been wanting for the longest time. It is all about taking time to research which has the best deals, what’s worth it or not, establishing a budget and patience. Have fun on Cyber Monday my fellow shopaholics!

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