Racing Thoughts

Anxiety is a popular conversation since a lot of us have it. We know what it is. We know what it does to us. But we experience the symptoms at different levels. You know how you feel the moment you are receiving a wave of anxiety. Whether it is via sweating, trembling or shortness of breath, you know how it is going to attack you and when you know, you have the power to control it. Anxiety attacks me through racing thoughts. What are racing thoughts?

According to Psychology today, racing thoughts are fast and repetitive thought patterns about a specific topic. An example I can use to explain racing thoughts is an experience I have encountered over the weeks. I am an education major and I must take a few classes that require for me to go to schools and observe a certain number of hours to make a portfolio out of it. I had been putting it off for weeks because the thought of talking and asking professionals of education in allowing me to observe the classes was causing me anxiety.  When I thought about this, my mind would become scrambled eggs. My thought process was getting out of control and I was being consumed by negative and overbearing thoughts that would control me emotionally and physically. I would cry every time racing thoughts would linger in my mind because I did not feel in control. It got to a point where I thought that my thought process was becoming scattered and unorganized, and that was stressing me out. I was stressing me out because of a requirement that every education major had to go through. I was not alone but I did not understand that.

There was a moment in the recent weeks where I just lost it. I wanted a break from my thoughts. I was tired of hearing my thoughts. I drowned myself in tears and I felt bad for my mom who had to sit there and just stare because even she did not know what to do; I think I scared her, which makes me feel even worse. But, she helped giving me ideas to push these thoughts away and I researched ways to control this symptom. I was on a mission to allowing myself to be free from it.

I have lately been doing yoga and meditation to practice mindfulness. Back when I was a freshman, I was into self-help and mindfulness books, and it really helped so I am jumping back into that lifestyle again. I am using aromatherapy and essential oils to help with the fogginess in my mind. I am listening to playlist of relaxation music. I am just working with what I have. I am not trying to victimize myself because I have anxiety because everyone else has it. No matter the way you go about it, just remember that if you are taking steps into calming and stabilizing your anxiety... you’re doing great. We live with anxiety for the rest of our lives. There are days that are better than others, and I cherish those days. I am blessed and grateful to have a good life everyday.