“Perlas, Risas y un Café: siete llaves para abrir tus tesoros”: The Book Presentation and Painting Workshop

Recently, I went to a creative and very inspiring event where I met this phenomenal woman called Ivelisse Ramírez Rosa, who not only works with the bank’s finances but also, she’s the author of the national book called “Perlas, Risas, y un Café: siete llaves para abrir tus tesoros”. For Ivelisse, this book was part of her bucket list because one of her desires is to find a way to encourage women to love themselves and to be successful in their lives. The event was celebrated in a  creative space called La Casita de Ely in San Germán, which is a studio that offer painting classes for groups of all ages and the owners co host this double event; because this book presentation includes a painting workshop with Zarina Ramirez, one of the owners of the art studio. This event was crowded; including the author’s family. 

The book is dedicated to the author’s children Juan Gabriel and Angélica María, her family, and most importantly, God, because they were  a major inspiration in order to write the book. The book iscollection of motivational thoughts, quotes from inspirational people or passages of the bible, and movie and book references with her personal reflections about self-esteem, the importance of conquering our goals and enjoying the wonders of life while being grateful. Moreover, it includes seven chapters describing each of the keys for opening some treasures of our life and each chapter includes seven topics of her essays of her reflection about the motivational thoughts and a question or an exercise to encourage the readers to be involved during the reading process while they start planning step by step how to solve and conquer each treasure for their lives.. 

During the activity, there were a few conversations of Zarina and Ivelisse about the book and her journey throughout  the writing process of the book, how she started to accomplish a few things from her bucket list and how she overcame some rough experiences in her life because she had faith in God. While Zarina was giving the instructions for the painting process, Ivelisse started to discuss a few parts of the book and answering some questions to  the public. When the participants started painting their mermaids, the writer met each person and signed their books; some of them even took selfies with Ivelisse. At the end of the event, we took a group selfie and a boomerang for the author’s social media.  

I didn't only have the chance to meet an inspiring woman like Ivelisse but also, the experience to participate in a painting workshop, which was part of one of my personal goals and shared that moment surrounded by amazing women of all  ages. Thanks to that magical experience in the painting workshop and those motivational words from Ivelisse; I feel so confident and ready to conquer my own personal treasures. If you want to feel inspired and want to organize your life, I recommend this powerful book so you can start working on your bucket list. If you want to order her book, you can buy it on Amazon or you can follow the writer in her Facebook Page.  If you want to participate in some of the painting workshops or other creative events; don’t forget to follow La Casita de Ely in their social media, so you can enjoy a moment filled with inspiration, creativity and wake up your  artistic muse while spending time with friends or meeting new people; trust me, you will enjoy this colorful experience.