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As a new semester hovers above us, we feel anxiety and stress grow inside our bodies. A new semester not only means that you are closer to graduation but that you will be facing more difficult classes and maybe even strict professors. I do not even blame you if your thoughts consist of dropping a class as you listen to the professor talk on and on about the syllabus because I have had the same exact thoughts. But even though these kinds of thoughts barge in, we should not let them control our outlook towards the class. As the semester progresses, some students give up on the class since they do not think it is as easy as it is expected. The key is to keep a positive mindset and to not quickly give up on the class that minute it becomes difficult. So here is a list of study tips that can help you become a better student:

1. Set study goals:

It is important that you have a clear understanding of the goals you want to achieve in the semester. Whether you are striving for an A or you just want to pass the class, it is important to remember your goal so it can motivate you to get through when a negative mindset is trying to settle in your mind.

2. Create a study routine:

Make a schedule of how you would like to divide the study time for each class. This schedule could alternative on a weekly basis so always keep it up to date since the focus could shift onto different classes at different times. Another plus side, is that the routine will help you get into a productive mood so you could do things quicker and better.

3. Office supplies are a MUST!



If you are anything like me, you LOVE office supplies. Mini staplers, colorful pens and aesthetically looking notebooks are SO motivating. When you indulge in these small yet quirky office supplies, it gives you an extra boost of productivity since it is exciting to use these items. Color coding and highlighting can even help you learn information or place information quicker since it is fresh on the mind.

4. Talk to your professors


Do not be afraid of your professors even if they come off as scary or strict since they can help you. They can help you by giving you extra credit if you feel like you want to get a better grade or they can help you understand information better. I have been blessed with awesome professors who care so much of the student’s outcome of the class and they have been of great help.So, I advise you email or go to their office and let them listen to the struggles or doubts that you have in mind since that is their job and they are happy to help.

5. Take breaks


You can take breaks. You can hang out with you friends. You can watch Netflix. You can step away from college work. College is not everything. Go experience and live in the present. Do not miss out on opportunities that college cannot offer you.

As you embark on this new year and a new semester, remember your ultimate end-goals whether it’s becoming a professional in your career, owning a house or starting a family. Those are the goals that ultimately matter and will make you happy in the long run.

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