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Music is very important to human life because it helps  our health very much. Music is one of the many little activities in which we use all the parts of the brain. The music every time is used more in the hospitals, since it helps to diminish the pain and helps to produce endorphins. Also the music lights our emotions for varied memories. Also the musician helps us to communicate to us with other persons since the music is a universal language. Listening to music helps reduce chronic pain of several painfulillnesses, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, even in 21 % approximately and depression up to 25 % according to studies. Also music is used in hospitals as medication during the childbirth, and to reduce the pain after an operation. All this is possible since the music serves as distractor; also it is effective since it liberates endorphins which resist the pain. The slow music helps to decrease the respiration and the cardiac rhythm to calm down, avoiding the anxiety sensation.

On having listened to relaxing music in the morning and in the evening the persons who suffer from high blood pressure can train to reduce its blood pressure and to keep it low. “According to an investigation of the American society of Hypertension, in New Orleans, in spite of listening only to 30 minutes of classical, Celtic music or raga every day it is possible to reduce significantly the high blood pressure. The music can help the persons to recover after a cerebrovascular accident. When the patients with cerebrovascular accident listen to music during a pair of hours every day, the verbal memory and the capacity of attention improves significantly.” Also the music also helps to fight the chronic migraine and reduce the intensity, frequency and duration of the headaches.

The music increases the immunity. “The scientists tell that the music can create a positive and deep emotional experience, which he leads to the secretion of the hormones of immune stimulation. To listen to music or singing also can diminish the levels of cortisol, the hormone related to the stress. The highest cortisol levels can drive to a decrease of the immune answer. ” Also the music helps us to increase the yield of the memory, learning and the intellectual coefficient, “Studies have confirmed that to listen to music or to touch some instrument can do that you learn much better. The music of Mozart and the Baroque one, they activate the left and right brain. The simultaneous action left and right brain maximizes learning and the information retention, the information that is studied activates the left hemisphere, while the music activates the right hemisphere.

The music can help us to the concentration and the attention; according to a study the relaxing music (classical music, of symphonic band etc.) it improves the duration and the intensity of the concentration in all the ages and levels of skill. Also it improves the movement and coordination of the body since when we listen to music instantaneously the body begins to move to dance. Has it ever spent to you that you are listening to music and unconsciously you are dancing? Have you ever been in the car listening to the radio and salt a song that you like and you begin to dance? These involuntary movements help in the coordination of your body and the movement. The music reduces the muscular tension. Also there redeems an important role in the development maintenance and reestablishment of the physical function in the persons’ rehabilitation with movement disorders. The muscular therapies can be carried out by the music like that they would help the persons to recover soon. The music is also an alternative for many young people to be disconnected by a time of the world that surrounds us, also it helps us when we are driven to despair to relax us and to be able to think the things with the cold head. The music facilitates the sleep when we listen to it in a low level since it induces to the relaxation and in addition to facilitating the sleep improves it. Also the optimism increases since it can move us to a much more positive frame of mind, we increase the self-esteem and the confidence in us ourselves. These are alone several alternatives in which the musician is of benefit to the health.

My name is Omar Rodriguez and I'm in an Music Education Major. I love reading and writing. I love music and I like to make new friends. I like to write so that other people can learn and learn. I am a writer of Her Campus.
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