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Mankind is Hurting Mother Nature

We’ve all heard of people trying to be eco-friendly, and some people have actually chosen to help the environment, but I’d say that most of us have not. We are damaging this earth, our earth, with pollution, toxicity, trash, deforestation, contaminating our beaches, and so much more. Some factories produce so much pollution in the air that the people living close to those places are unable to breathe properly and need to wear masks to lessen the damage to their airways. Deforestation is not only destroying animals’ homes, but also producing the risk of a lack of oxygen since the trees that are supposed to give us oxygen are being taken down by large machinery. Cars are also polluting the air with their mufflers, expelling all of that carbon monoxide into the air. Beaches that are supposed to be kept clean are being treated as if they were large trash cans for us to use. The beautiful sand can be found covered with steel bottle caps, broken shards of glass, empty plastic beer rings that within time the waves will gather all together and harming the creatures that live within the sea. Oil spills have tinted our waters, making it hard for underwater animals to survive.

So here are some ways that one can help this planet become a little greener and less gray: Recycle. If an item can be reused over and over again, then that is one way to lessen the damage. Substitute a car for a bicycle, or if you’re able to purchase a hybrid vehicle, do so. It will lessen the pollution. lKeep your beaches clean! Do not use the beach as some large trash can and the sea as a  trash bag. lBe more conscious of what you’re doing when you’re cutting down those trees to make room for something larger. You’re not only taking away homes, you’re also taking away what we live off of to breathe. Be mindful of what you’re doing to this planet, it isn’t something that can be replaced, and it’s the only place we have to live, but if we continue to destroy it the way we’re doing, we won’t even be living long enough to possibly see the day where it could flourish again.


I am currently a senior at the University of Oregon pursuing a degree in Advertising. I'm originally from Orange County, but as always- Go Ducks!
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