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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, But Is It Here in Puerto Rico?

With Christmas knocking on our doors after a dark Thanksgiving holiday, we have a full house with no electricity, some with no water, a whole lot of work for college, others with an exhausting part time in a very busy place, with no rest and a lot of stress. Now, we’re welcoming the most wonderful and busy time of the year with the repercussions hurricane Maria left in the island.

 There are still some issues that go hand in hand with the people who have no electricity or water in P.R yet. For instance, many supermarkets are not offering what they used to, because many product, are not arriving to warehouses. Such is the case of bottled water; where up to today you don’t know with certainty where you can find it on your daily basis. Ice companies are taking merchandise only one day of the week. Prices in the food industry went up, and the cost per gallon of gas is still raising. Now, at the same time, a wide variety of stores in the malls are throwing some good offers in for our diverse society as of holiday sales.


People are like crazy shopping but also gathering in family to celebrate every single day that passes being forever grateful of being alive and for the opportunity to see how P.R rebuilds again better than it was. Also, citizens from all around the country have traveled to P.R. to help communities in need. Organizations from different cities, all around the world have visited us with a specific purpose, of helping in the recovery of the beautiful and so beloved island. We have seen that although living in Puerto Rico with all the changes is different from what we experienced before, we are still celebrating and extolling Christmas season. That is why, my answer to my question is yes! It’s the most wonderful time of the year for us in P.R too.

(Las Campanas de la Catedral, Puerto Rico)


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