Infinite Pathways to Health

The terms health and fitness are such powerful and yet vague terms. There is such vast information out there for us to read that we get lost among the content. Half the time we’re wondering which food plan or exercise is best for us as individuals and the other half confused by the contradictions in the information about food, like: how should we eat, what do we eat, and when we should or shouldn't eat it.

Almost every nutrition website and calorie counter has an automatic calculating scale. Although, most websites let you know that the calories vary person to person and they remain vague on some of the reasons why. Some of these reasons can consist of the shape of your body such as if you’re a mesomorph, endomorph or ectomorph. Now, if you are not aware of what this means, it is how your body is shaped. It classifies, based on a scale, by determining where your body stores its fat or energy. If we are to take a step deeper we realize that the scale is not definite due to other things at play such as: genetics, what you eat, environment, how active you are and your resting heart rate. Information on health and fitness is a constant hook for its readers. There is always research being made in order to progress the well-being of the people. This is also how we get lost and confused with the information put out there. New studies will contradict old ones and one food plan may work for a certain individual but not another. The only real way to find out what works best for you and your goals is with patience and experience. Finding what works best for you, your body, and your lifestyle. When we see something work for an individual we crave the knowledge they have in order to try it ourselves. Then when it doesn't’t work the same for us, we become discouraged and tend to give up. There are times when it does work and we become grateful for the exchange of the information and try to pass that along. Do not become discouraged if one or even many of those things did not work for you. You must find what works best for you by trial and error. Remember, in exception to competition, health and fitness are lifestyle changes not temporary alterations. It takes an individual an estimation of six weeks for them to see any physical changes in their own bodies. This is what I mean by patience, understanding that this is a process but it will be for long term satisfaction.

Ultimately, health is about the benefits on the inner workings of your body. It is usually then that our inner achievements result in outer achievements when one aspect of our bodies benefit the others such as the number on the scale or capabilities of the body follows. Most importantly, remember to show yourself love. There are universal laws out there that tell us that when you show love to something, it comes back to you. Lastly, just like when you show plants love they grow and prosper, we do too.