How To Survive College Dorms 101

Living in the university dorms is a good alternative for those students who live way too far, but can’t afford a monthly rent for an apartment plus basic amenities such as water, electricity and  Wi-Fi. And those special students who are way too lazy to get up at five in the morning to drive to the campus, the university dorms are a good option. One of the advantages of living in the dorms is having the campus in your own backyard. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to begin your independent life or with a set of roommates. For some, it is a sign of independence since you’re obviously not at your parents’ house anymore; but not being independent is not all parties and sweetness like Hollywood paints it to be because as Spiderman taught us: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

If you want to have a good experience while you are living in the dorms; I recommend these tips so you can survive and make the most of your student life:

 Communication:

To have a better relationship with your roommates talk to each other about your likes and dislikes; for example, if you don’t like loud music or have friends over while you’re studying or taking a nap. Also, it’s a great opportunity to split the cleaning responsibilities and discuss class schedules.

 Teamwork:

If you’re planning a specific day to clean your room, working together is the best alternative and a healthy way to have a better relationship with your roommates.

 Respect:

If your roommate or neighbor needs to study for a test or needs to sleep early, please don’t interrupt or make loud noises. It could affect your relationship with your roommate and it’s against dorm rules.

 Organization:

Keep your personal area (desk, closet and drawers) organized and clean. Also, keep your valuable items safe in your closet with a security lock.

 Cooking:

As a student resident, you have two choices: learn how to cook or you can be best friends with the microwave. If you know how to cook, you are blessed.

 Working with a budget:

Start learning how to buy food products or materials without spending too much money. Make a list of everything you need. I totally recommend this application called Taxealo for your budgeting needs including: calculations, taxes and discounts.

 Making new friends:

With a new life comes new experiences and one of those new experiences can be making new friends, find a study buddy and you could be having a blast with people you least expect. But don’t expect to find your BFF immediately, trust me, it takes time.

 Enjoy the dorm life:

Participate in the events that are hosted by the student organizations (such as Concilio Eunice White Harris or Concilio Archilla Cabrera), and spend time with friends at the lobby, watch a movie or play games. Overall, have a great ime!

As a student resident myself, my experience in the dorms has been amazing because not only have I managed to become independent, but I have acquired new experiences with new friends and a fresh zest to life.