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Having oily acne prone skin is hell for makeup lovers. There is a lot of people that have issues with acne and oily skin, but they never know why that happens. I had a conversation with my dermatologist and he helped me understand why my skin is producing so much oil. 

Only one word can describe the reason: dehydration. When your skin and body are not properly hydrated your skin will produce more oils than normal. This could be the reason why your makeup does not stay and your T-Zone turns int Oily-Zone. 

Now before you can pick the right foundation for your oily acne prone skin, you will need to start hydrating your body and skin. Drink water, lots of it, and use an oil free moisturizer. Another way to help your foundation stay and prevent that oily T-Zone, is using an oil free primer before applying your foundation. Remember that everyone has different skin types and react differently to products, talk to your dermatologist to find what works for you.


Here’s my top 3 foundations for oily acne prone skin:

1. Starting with my personal favorite is the BareMinerals Blemish Remedy Foundation.

It doesn’t have a full coverage but it doesn’t have sheer to medium coverage. It feels very natural and it helps treat acne. You can find it here.

2. My second recommendation is the Born This Way foundation by Too Faced.

This oil free, medium to full coverage foundations is perfect for those special occasions without ruining your skin. It is also hydrating. Some of the ingredients are Alpine Rose and Coconut Water. You can order it here.

3. Last but not least, is the Tarte™️ Amazonian Clay Foundation.

This great product is also an oil-free foundation. It is vegan, matte, breathable, durable and good for your skin. This is one is my favorite because it provides a natural matte finish, does not clog pores has vitamins and SPF 15. You can order it here.

Even though we all have different skin types, giving them a try is not a bad idea. But of course read the ingredients and talk to your dermatologist. Taking care of your skin is really important. Do not be scared to visit one. 

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