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Embrace Your Solitude

For society, being alone means feeling lonely, depressed, etc. It is usually seen as a bad thing. It got to the point where we socialize constantly with social media, with all the instant messages, comments and likes. Our world revolves around everybody else. But, where is the time for ourselves? 

Don’t get me wrong, socializing is a normal thing. According to psychologist we are born social creatures. Alex Brain wrote Socializing plays a pivotal role in improving overall growth and development of an individual. I believe that “excess of everything is bad”.


When we are constantly socializing we forget ourselves. We usually stop doing things we love and focus our time in pleasing everybody else without noticing. When was the last time you did that thing you love? With this article I want to encourage you to take some well deserve time for yourself. You know, just like the saying “stop and smell the roses”. 


The following is a list of reasons why you should embrace your solitude and spend more time alone:

1.  It helps in your productivity: We usually perform better when we have some privacy. 

2. Creativity: Being alone makes you have time for the brain to wonder and helps you become more creative. 

3. Goals: When you are alone, you get more time to think about your life goals and plan to achieve it. 

4. Insight into yourself: Solitude gives you time and space to know who you really are without outside influences. 

5. Pamper yourself! Having time with yourself means you can do everything you enjoy doing. 

You will always carry with yourself, learn to spend time with it and love it. 



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