Creating the perfect atmosphere against writer's block

Writer's block is possibly the biggest obstacle a writer will encounter when it's time to put their ideas into words. Whether it's a big paper for a class, a literary analysis, or your own original stories, writer's block can make it impossible for you to accomplish anything that has to do with writing. It's that dreary final boss in a very difficult game, it's like finding your path blocked by rocks and not being able to move a single one, no matter how hard you try; it's a writer's worst enemy. Writing is not an easy task, especially when you're overwhelmed with other responsibilities and you can't seem to find the perfect balance, or when you're on a tight deadline and the words just won't flow freely. As difficult as it is, it's a known fact that your motivation to write can be greatly influenced by your surroundings. Every single writer will face the monster that is writer's block, and sadly, I'm not the exception.

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Here are the things I do to create the perfect atmosphere that helps me get rid of this affliction:

  1. 1. Work in a clean, organized environment.

    In order to produce quality content, it's necessary to work in a clean, organized environment. As most people know, a messy room can give way to anxiety, exhaustion, and even sadness. Being surrounded by filth or having objects simply lying around can block the otherwise simple flow of ideas. Instead, clean your working space before you embark on a writing spree, or go to a cozy café if you feel more comfortable working in that type of place.

  2. 2. Make sure the place smells good.

    It's essential that your working space smells good in order to write efficiently. Trying to write while the lingering smell of greasy food, sweaty workout clothes, or your pets' poop hovers over you can be extremely distracting and uncomfortable. After cleaning your desired writing place, you can light a candle or burn some incense. I prefer candles with fruity smells like cherry, passion fruit, or strawberry, but other people prefer more cozy smells, such as cinnamon, pumpkin spice, or vanilla. Go with whatever works best with you and gets you in the right mood for writing. 

  3. 3. Wear comfortable clothes and sit up.

    There's no other feeling as good as the peace and comfort that take hold of you when you take a refreshing shower and slip into something comfortable before lying in bed and procrastinating. However, when writing, it is extremely important to watch your pose. Try to work on a desk, or somewhere where you'll have a steady surface with a comfortable chair. If you'd like to work on your bed, make sure you're not lying on your back since it will most likely make you feel tired and kill your motivation. It is also important to wear something cozy that will give you the freedom to move as you'd like and won't cause you any uneasiness. That way, you won't be distracted by how tight or uncomfortable your clothes are and your inspiration might feel tempted to come out.

  4. 4. Make yourself some coffee or tea.

    Eating a big feast and drinking soda, or other unhealthy drinks, to your heart's content before embarking on a writing journey, is usually a very bad idea. Feeling stuffed and even nauseous will definitely distract you from the task at hand and make it impossible for you to write efficiently. Rather than eating at a buffet or snacking on greasy food, try to calm your hunger with a healthy snack. You can eat some sliced strawberries, or yogurt. If you're not hungry, make yourself some coffee or tea. I have found that my ideas flow more freely when I drink green tea, but other people are inclined towards a big cup of strong coffee. Hot cocoa or a pumpkin spice latte are great options if you want to get into the warm spirit of fall.

  5. 5. Listen to slow music.

    This can be a little relative since some people need complete silence in order to concentrate. That being said, those of us who need a touch of background music so we can get working, should do so with slow, relaxing music. To feel concentrated and be devoted to what you'll write, your choice of music should be limited to a certain range of categories. Although trap and heavy metal can be very enjoyable, they're usually not the music genre you should listen to when you're struggling with writer's block. This type of music is perfect for a party or a night out with friends, but if you're trying to write, slow music is your best friend. You can try your luck with The Neighborhood, Tame Impala, or my personal favorite, Lana del Rey. Classical music is also a big favorite among tortured writers who struggle to find their inspiration.

There are many more things you can do to battle writer's block, and some of these things might not work for every writer; everyone needs different things in order to feel at peace and comfortable enough to get their inspiration going. However, they work for me, and hopefully they can work for many others who face this terrible obstacle more often than they would like.