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If you asked me in high school what was the first thought that came to mind when the word “college” was said, I would have probably answered “parties”. I grew up with this mindset that college is all about partying and drinking. That is how the media has portrayed college so for the first two years of my college life, I thought that partying was fulfilling the social aspect of my life. However, I soon grew tired of that lifestyle.

It was tiring to go out every week to the same place, where all you do is drink, dance or get squished by other individuals trying to fit in the same spot where you are. Let’s be honest, there is no actual mingling going on when the places are crowded and you have to scream into someone’s ear to have a proper conversation.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going out. I love dancing with my friends and having a good time but my friends and I needed a break from that scene, so we stopped going. Suddenly, Thursdays became a very challenging day of the week. We didn’t know what to do since what we used to do to spend quality time together was going out on Thursday nights! After some brainstorming, believe it or not, we discovered so many other fun things to do on Thursday nights. So here is a list of things you and your besties can do to get out of the monotonous routine:

1. Pot Painting 



Pot painting consists of buying a pot and picking out a cactus or succulent to put inside (or any other plant you think would survive your lifestyle!). What we did was find inspiration to paint on our pots, and with acrylic paints, we dug right in. We let it dry and we put the plant inside, and finally, we ended up with a cute decoration. While doing all this painting and waiting and planting, we had music playing and had great conversations. It was an awesome bonding time.

2. Spa Night


Spa nights are amazing when it is the end of some sort of hell week and you need a little pick me up with your girlfriends. We did our nails and did fun face masks. We chilled on the bed and talked for hours. It was soothing to the soul and it was a great casual yet comfy night in.

3. Tie-Dye Party


If you and your friends love getting down and dirty, you will enjoy tie-dying shirts. Don’t get me wrong, it is messy and there will be a lot of frustrating laments here and there but the outcome is worth it. If you and your friends need a little creative pick me up, this artsy party will keep the juices flowing.

4. Game Night


You might be thinking…How is game night possibly fun? The answer is quite simple: pick the right games. My friends and I play Cards against Humanity, Headbandz, and other games that include comedy and guessing aspects. Those are the nights when you realize it’s 12 am and you ask yourself where did the time go.

5. Dinner Fiasco

If you have friends who love cooking and are not lazy in the kitchen, this is the perfect activity for you. You can search recipes on the internet and make a delicious homecooked meal that you have never made before. It is kind of like a learning experience and it can get a little intense in the kitchen but the outcome of having a delicious meal with friends you love is worth it.

The list could go on since there are so many alternatives you can do with your closest friends. It gives you a break from your hectic lifestyle and it creates new moments and experiences that you never thought you would want to go through. Personally, I just enjoy spending time with my best friends since they are a very important part of my life. You and your group friends will not only learn something new about yourselves but also about each other.

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