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7 Documentaries Every Female Should Watch

On a year like 2017, there is still inequality in the way women are portrayed in the media, society, the justice system and politics.  According to countrymeters.com women make up a 49.6% of the world population. We are the 50% of the world’s population and yet why don’t we see more women in the senate? Why don’t we have equal rights as our other half? And why is society trying to make us smaller instead of stronger? Here is a list of documentaries that share some female perspectives and empowerment on each one of those topics and questions. These documentaries narrate real issues and stories that women have been through and still go through and the reasons we need to address and stand for our worth.

  1. She’s beautiful when she’s angry

She’s beautiful when she’s angry narrates the women’s struggles across the years and the inequality in the system. Real women talk about the women’s liberation movement and how we’ve blossomed into what we have become today. It explores issues about women’s rights, cat calling culture, lesbian awakening and our revolution. This documentary also talks about forced sterilizations in Puerto Rico. It will sure make you feel like a bad ass woman who’s ready to fight the system.


2. Girl Rising

One of the most powerful documentaries that covers stories about how women are seen in different parts of the world like Haiti, Ethiopia, Peru, India, and how culture has controlled their lives. It presents 9 girls that get to overcome different obstacles and get an education. Every powerful story is narrated by a different actress such as Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, Kerry Washington and more. Get your tissues out for this one.


3. Miss Representation


This masterpiece explains and talks about how media shapes our generations. It delves into how media can shape everything, especially society and children. It focuses on how girls view women in the media and what is shown to matter to them and what boys are taught that only are important about women.Misrepresentations are all around us and we see it every day, here you learn to be more conscious about it and not grow accustomed to them.Stay woke!


4. Trapped


Trapped is a 2016 documentary that focuses on abortion clinics and their fight to stay open. Even since Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, abortion is still one of the most controversial issues for the government. This documentary shows how some of the bills that have been enacted in Congress affect clinics, women’s health, workers and lawyers. After you watch this documentary I suggest you look up for the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Texas HB2 Anti-Abortion Law.

5. Dark Girls


 This is an example of real stories on how society brainwashed women of color to feel self-conscious, uncomfortable and embarrassed by their skin color.  Women of color are still one the most neglected groups in America. This documentary portrays the realities of being a double minority in society’s eyes and how this type of micro aggressions affect women’s life. It’s time for women of color to rise! Rise proud!

6. He named me Malala


The narration of this empowering and wonderful girl’s story is sure to make you a proud feminist. Malala Yousafzai is a young Pakistani activist for female education and is also the youngest Nobel Prize Winner. This documentary tells her story on how she stood up for girl’s education and how she made her blog detailing her life during the Taliban occupation of Swat, a blog that would change her whole life.In 2012 she was gravely injured by a Taliban gunman when he attempted to murder her, but that didn’t stop this wonderful woman from becoming an education activist. An inspiring story to watch.


7. Makers: Women Who Make America


This is a multi-episode documentary that shares different profiles on women’s stories in society. This inspiring docu-series shows how women started to fight for female representation. It has 2 seasons so far and narrates stories of the female awakening to female’s representation in space, Hollywood, politics, war, business and comedy. A must watch!



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