Why Gulf Shores, AL is THE Spring Break Destination

White sand, turquoise ocean, and plenty of Instagram worthy photoshoots. Does this sound like paradise? Well, if so, then Gulf Shores Alabama is your dream destination.

Gulf Shores is located on the panhandle between Florida and Alabama, quite literally. There is a bar called Flora-Bama that resides on the state line between Florida and Alabama. They also have great music and country music star Kenny Chesney is known to make surprise visits to the bar as well. 

There are tons of great places to eat around town. One of my personal favorites is The Hangout, which is known for great food and a great time. They really get the customers involved by having them get up and dance to various songs, and I have also gotten to table dance there as well. If you’re in a more lowkey mood, though, The Gulf is an all-outdoor restaurant set up picnic style. The best time to visit The Gulf is when it’s dark out because they have fairy lights wrapped around palm trees, giving the atmosphere a very whimsical appeal.

Obviously, the reason why anyone goes to Gulf Shores is the beach. The town offers lots of things to do for families in the waters. If you’re more of a risk-taker, then definitely try parasailing. As a devoted acrophobic, this was not my cup of tea because of how high up you go. When I went, there were hundreds of jellyfish that were brought up from a storm, a huge shark, and my sister claims she saw an eel. If you like that type of adrenaline, parasailing is more for you. Another great activity, especially closer to sunset, is a dolphin tour. It’s so cool to see the dolphins swim so close to the boat and hang out with people like it’s their everyday routine. Also, being out on the water on sunset is simply magical. 

So, the next time you're planning a trip, plan to visit Gulf Shores, Alabama for great food, great people, and plenty of beaches.