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This Vicious Grace: A Story About How We Are Stronger Together

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While preparing for the last couple weeks of college with many tests and final assignments for the year; I took the time to read “This Vicious Grace”, a novel by Emily Thiede. As the summer months are looming and school is about to let out I highly suggest this wonderful book to read as it takes place on a tropical island where palm trees sway and the sands are white and pure compared to the beautiful, but mysterious ocean that roars on its shore. This thrilling story is a wonderful coming-of-age story. Alessa is an eighteen-year-old girl who is forced to marry a powerful Fonte in order to fulfill her duties as Finestra and protect her island from the demons that threaten it. But by her touch, Fonte’s die one after the other. Her people begin to fall away from her rule and try to assassinate her for what they believe to be the greater good. Not being able to trust anyone inside her own walls, Alessa is forced to look for help among the dirtiest most lowly of lives on the docks of her island. She looks only to find an outcast that is brutally honest and is scared by no one as he stands up and protects the weak. Throughout the book, Alessa begins to grow into her own skin and power, finding love, friendship, and allies among the people who she thought hated her the most. If you like to enjoy an enemies-to-lovers plot and a coming-of-age story full of adventure, heroic battles, and bellowing friendships, this book contains all that and so much more. I am so excited to bring to you just a sliver of what this book has to offer; and thrilled to begin the next and final book of this duology called “This Cursed Light” which in hope will be as good as its latter part.

My name is Gabbi. I am a psychology and PTA major:)