Save the Bees!

Did you drink coffee this morning? Do you eat fruit? Is your shirt made out of cotton? Even if you answered yes to even one of these questions our whole lives can be different if bees become extinct. There’s a lot of controversy going on right now about how we need to “save the bees” which seemed dramatic at first but bees do a lot more for us than we think. Bees pollinate plants, provide everyday products, and provide jobs.The biggest industry this effects is the food we eat and the food animals eat. Supposedly if bees go extinct we will have no dairy products. No milk, cheese,yogurt, the list can go on. Dairy cows eat grasses and plants that will no longer grow exist if there are no more bees. These cows are also used for meat so we will be paying a much higher price for meat until dairy cows become extinct. That also means prices for veggies, fruits, coffee, and even cotton will sky rocket. Cotton is used in a number of everyday things such as clothing, toilet paper, etc. The supply of these products will be scarce but highly demanded making our lives more expensive. Last, honey is a 300 million dollar industry because Americans use more honey than they realize. An average American uses 1.3 pounds of honey a year which can be included in foods, lip balms, cough medicine, and other products. In order to produce all of these products companies hire workers. If there were no more products to produce since honey isn’t available hundreds and thousands of jobs are at risk. Bee population in the United States has gone down by 40% in the past couple of years because of climate change. It seems so silly but our whole lives can take a turn if bees are non existent. Imagine going to class and work without your daily cup of joe because you can’t afford it, we will live in one cranky/tired world! But in all seriousness, people are even saying that within 4-7 years of bees being extinct WE can become extinct. That’s how much bees matter so save the bees!