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If You’re Happy and You Know It, You’re an Extrovert!

Growing up as an introvert, as I did myself, you never feel as though you are truly accepted by
society. For a long time, I thought maybe there was something wrong with me, but I don’t think that’s
the case (mainly because I think I’m a pretty cool person). So then what is it? Why do I feel so isolated
from society? Maybe, as author Susan Cain points out in her bestselling book Quiet, it’s because “society
has a cultural bias towards extroverts”. Countless studies have been done showing that extroverts are
often happier than introverts, but what those studies don’t take into account is how they are measuring
that happiness. Many of the studies measure happiness based on social activities and interactions with
others. In high school, I that extroverts are powered from outside sources while introverts are powered
by inside sources. So of course, extroverts are going to be happier when talking about social
interactions, they are being powered up! Thus, when society favors extroverted behavior, introverts feel
as though what they enjoy, quiet and alone time, is wrong and feel the need to change what makes
them happy, ultimately leading to anxiety and self-esteem issues. I believe society needs to recognize
introverts and realize that there is not only one form of happiness. Extroverts may find happiness by
going out and partying while introverts find happiness by staying home and reading a nice book. We
need to normalize different types of happiness in order to increase happiness. If we don’t, introverts will
continue feeling as though their happiness isn’t valid. To all the introverts out there, your happiness is
completely valid. Don’t try and change who you are to fit society’s messed up standards. Introverts can
be happy too, in our own little way.

University of Indianapolis Professional Writing and Creative Writing Major
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