Harry Potter Characters That Should Have Been Sorted Differently

It’s no secret that many Harry Potter fans have a long list of criticism that they are ready to give to our beloved J.K Rowling. But besides the obvious clinging and temptation to add new things to her old series, this isn’t the first time the author has made mistakes.


Throughout the books, the character Percy Weasley shows great Slytherin traits. From ambition to resourcefulness, he proves that he can be a true Slytherin at times. But by Rowlings’ logic, being a Weasley is enough to set you up for Gryffindor - even if your values are far from it. 


Now as for our wizarding princess, Hermione Granger, it came as no surprise when the “Hatstall” article came out on Pottermore (https://www.pottermore.com/writing-by-jk-rowling/hatstall) , confirming that she was almost part of the shortlist of students who got the wise hat confused. It took the magic sorting hat almost 4 minutes to decide if she should be a Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. As for me, I believe she was a Ravenclaw. Many times in the books she is tempted to put all her bravery and impulsiveness on the side to focus on her studies and goals. Her cleverness has many times saved the Golden trio, leading most of the fandom to admit that Harry and Ron would’ve probably died without her. Proving again, how her characteristics lean towards Ravenclaw



Our main character Harry Potter ended up being sorted into Gryffindor. While I will not deny that he does have all of the traits necessary to be in that house, I will also admit that he could’ve been a Slytherin just as much. Some fans will say that the sorting hat thought about sorting him into Slytherin because a part of Voldemort’s soul was living inside of Harry, but the fact is that Harry did many things throughout the books that were very characteristic of the greenhouse. The traits of the house are cunning, ambitious and resourceful. One of the most obvious ones being resourcefulness - Harry used his fame many times to get away with things he shouldn’t have done. He was cunning while he was doing those things, and the reason why he did those things was hidden inside; he wanted to prove himself as much as he wanted to do the right thing.  


As for our least favorite professor, I think we can all agree that he belongs in Slytherin. Gilderoy showed the readers multiple times how dumb he can be. He was not able to perform simple spells and was easily tricked by students with the excuse of being too self-centered. He did graduate from Ravenclaw - a house that is famous for accepting scholars and focusing on the mind - which was very surprised when you take into consideration that he had almost none of their traits. He instead manipulated people into thinking he was an amazing wizard, which goes hand in hand with all the cunning and ambition that the Slytherins pride themselves on.  


    Last but not least, we have Peter Pettigrew. There’s a lot of discussion over him being sorted into Gryffindor, and J.K Rowling said he should’ve been sorted into Slytherin. But the truth is, he shouldn't have been sorted at all. I’m not sure if this has happened in Hogwarts history, but the way I see it, he wasn’t fit to be in any of the houses. As for Hufflepuff, he was hard-working, and we see that through everything he’s done to help the Dark Lord, but he wasn’t loyal; he snitched on his friends the first opportunity he had, and he wasn’t kind either, and we see that because of the side he supports during the war. He was a Gryffindor who wasn’t brave; he was a coward who hid for years and years. He wasn’t smart and had no wisdom whatsoever, so he could never be in Ravenclaw. And as for Rowling's claims that he should be in Slytherin, we all know she just wants him there because he was evil; he wasn’t ambitious, cunning, resourceful, and had no fraternity. In the end, Pettigrew just didn’t belong, and that’s probably why he joined Voldemort; he knew he wasn’t one of them.