Chop Your Hair Off, Eventually

I used to have such long hair, at least long for me, it was down to my chest. Now my hair doesn’t even touch my ears. In the middle of winter I chopped it all off, my neck has been freezing ever since, but that’s when scarves and hats became my best friend. No matter what time of year you’re thinking of a hair change, do it, it’s so freeing. My confidence has skyrocketed, as well as my time I need to get ready, but that’s not always the case. 

Here I will take you through my hair journey and convince you that at least once in your life you should try and rock that short hair. Afterall, hair grows back and there are so many ways to style it, even when it’s short. 

Little longer than shoulder length, I had so many styles I was able to do and I was too afraid to change in this moment, but after seeing some strong, confident women cut their hair, I knew I could at least try and pull it off myself. 


So the chop was made, using ¾ length on the side and just a few inches left on the top. I was super nervous on what style I wanted when I first got home. I found immediately that I was now able to wear larger earrings and have them work for me. If you don’t like jewelry, I would suggest makeup because it adds a good contrast to the lack of color on your top half. Instagram models, Youtubers, TikTok stars are a great source for makeup inspiration for any occasion. 


Be prepared for crazy hair days, especially right after you make the big cut. It’s okay to not know what to do with it at first, eventually you will find your style. I’m sure those around you will understand you’re in the middle of a big transition, making this cut takes courage and self-love and if people don’t see that then tell them that you’d appreciate patience. 

You’ll find your groove as you let your callics fly and hair style vanish in the wind. 


Then there's some days where a beanie or hat is needed. Whether that be for a lazy day in or a night on the town, rocking a beanie can be a game changer because it not only keeps your head a bit warmer, you feel like you have weight on your head again, which can help people get used to not having hair past their ears. It’s also a good time to play with styles because you can cover up whatever monstrosity you may have created with a hat without having to shower to start over. 


Hair accessories are so fun to play around when you have so little hair. For example, this bandana is actually a fabric belt and I tied a bow in the back to keep the extra length tucked in, but you can also leave it hanging. Just because you have a very little amount of hair doesn’t mean you have to stop trying new styles or not keep up with the fashion trends. 

This was about a month after I cut my hair off, I have a lot more than some of the other pictures, if you can’t tell. And I have a secret on how I grow it. 

The UrbanHydration Jamacian Castor Oil and Avocado Coconut Oil Curl Cream is my life savior for amazing curls. Every night I also use a generic curling conditioner when I shower, put this in my hair, twist tiny strands of hair into a small ball and put a bobby pin on it, spray a bit of hairspray and go to sleep. In the morning when I wake up I take all the pins out and spray some texture spray on it and, depending on the weather, more hairspray. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how I style my hair, but I know this routine isn’t for everyone, but this curl cream should be. I swim a lot because I am on my school’s water polo team, so my hair can get really dry quickly, so if you have dry hair like me this will help for sure, it’s so nourishing and smells amazing. I also have thick hair, so it takes quite a bit to put any style in, but luckily if you put too much you can just massage it in or take a bit of water, then you should be golden. 

This is also the reason why my hair has been growing so fast, the oils promote hair growth and leaves my hair, despite the damage that I’m constantly doing to it, healthy. This is a great product overall, especially if you’re afraid of not being able to grow your hair back out after cutting it. Get it on Amazon here: 


In conclusion, chop your hair off. It’s so freeing and so easy to maintain once you get into the groove of how your hair will function, it’s so unique, just like you. Find your style, but at least once try this short hair.