Another Existentialist Article

Nobody on this Earth knows what they’re doing. Shocker, right? We have made literally everything up because at one point, nothing that exists now, existed. I’m going to get real existentialist for a moment, we’re floating on a rock in the middle of nothing yet everything at the same time. Now, you’re probably asking: “okay, but where is this going?” Let me just ask you this, what’s the point? What are you doing? Where are YOU going? Life is monumentally short and it feels like we spend it worrying about all of the wrong things. Not to rain on your parade or anything, but when we die, we can’t exactly take the latest iPhone with us. Or that thousand dollar bag you spent an entire month working for. Now, I’m not knocking the hustle, but at one point you have to just give it a rest. Materials are just that, materials. Social media distorts our perception of what our lives should look like, but let me tell you: you’re doing just fine exactly where you are. You don’t need these designer items, or the newest phone, shoes, bags, etc. You just don’t. It honestly does not matter that much. Everyone is boring nowadays, too busy trying to be like everyone else. Like that’s going to make your short period of being alive any happier. Is anyone out there even really happy? Or is that an emotion you haven’t learned to mimic yet? I mean, not to call anyone out or anything, but at some point, you have to fall in love with being alive. You get roughly 70 years on this planet, you get 70 years to think, to feel, to breathe. Why waste it on things that really do not matter? Everything that matters so dearly right now, won’t at all in 20 years. Much less 100. One day, we’re going to die and everything about our lives will be forgotten. Who cares if your life isn’t perfect? Make it perfect for you. Do what makes you happy. Stop living for the approval of everyone else, and stop hiding from people. Create relationships, give them your all. Open yourself up, be yourself. Be raw. Be original. Connect with people. That’s beautiful. The feelings are beautiful. Being so wonderfully yourself in a world full of copies is magnificent, and letting yourself genuinely experience life is amazing. At some point, you have to let the fear go and take all the risks. Live your life to the absolute fullest because one day you won’t have all these possibilities anymore and you’re going to regret it so much. Don’t regret it. Stop letting fear hold you back from doing amazing things. Be scared and do it anyway. Live your life, make mistakes, be human. Perfect is for the birds. You’re not supposed to know exactly what you’re doing all of the time and you’re not supposed to never mess up. You’re supposed to mess up, you’re supposed to experience. You’re a human being, keyword: being. In this crazy world, all you have to do is be in it.