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Young Alumni Series brings political figures to campus!

On Monday, September 19, the Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs will be hosting its first of many established speakers within its Young Alumni Series. The Series, which is non-partisan, will provide students with the knowledge of those who were once in their shoes, and are now actively working in the political world.
IGPA intern, Tim Kundsen, is extremely excited for the event and was pleased to give Her Campus a bit of a speak-peak in what to expect. The event will kick off at 7 PM sharp, in Room 405 of the Student Union. Democrat Michael Ruemmler will be sharing his experiences and pathway to success with students of all ages, majors, and political views.

Photo – Ruemmler with former boss, President Barack Obama


Ruemmler, a 2004 Illini graduate, once hung out at Brothers and frequented Murphy’s. He was a typical hard working, driven, University of Illinois student with dreams bigger than Urbana-Champaign could recognize. He served as the President of College Democrats here at U of I, one of his many small steps to success!
Since his days at the university, Ruemmler has traveled both the nation and world serving President Obama on his Advance Team, which would, during the Presidential Campaign, arrive to locations ahead of Obama and prepare for his arrival and events. Since then, Ruemmler has moved from Federal Government to City Government, working alongside Rahm Emanuel and working as a liaison between Emanual and both the State and Federal Governments.

Photo – Ruemmler debriefing President Obama before an event.           

Walking away from Monday’s event, students can expect a much more detailed background on Ruemmler. He will be sharing his personal stories, blunders, and victories from him personal journey to where he is today, as well as his objectives to reach where he’d like to be tomorrow. A “relatable” man, according to Knudsen, students should feel extremely comfortable asking questions and getting feedback from Ruemmler. His own successes will inspire and benefit students immensely in their own journeys.
So, for a little networking, advice, and the opportunity to meet and listen to a fresh face in politics, come out Monday at 7 to show your support for IGPA and its co-sponsor, UIAAIllinois Connection. The IGPA is proud to present their Young Alumni Series – and with a little help from these speakers from every part of the political spectrum, you could be the next fresh face in politics. Come hear what they’ve got to say!

To find out more information regarding the event and to REGISTER, visit the IGPA website.

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