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Taylor Swift has been dropping record-breaking albums since she was 16 years old with her debut album Taylor Swift in 2006. Since then, we have been blessed with four more albums giving us the perfect songs to sing along to in the car or dance around in our room to with our hairbrushes.

Taylor Swift on stage in colorful jacket

With each one of these iconic eras, each single would outdo the last with a new music video to go along with it. 

We got to see her dance out her feelings in a library… 


Then prove she was never EVER getting back together while in her pajamas…


And finally shake off the haters with some killer dance moves.

After a three-year break, much anticipation, and just when we thought nothing could beat 1989, Taylor released the first single from Reputation, Look What You Made Me Do.” Spotify reported that it broke the record for first-day streaming with nearly 8 million streams in 24 hours. The release of the music video broke records, gaining 43.2 million views in 24 hours. 

Her continued collaboration with director Joseph Kahn has resulted in high-production videos, and “Look What You Made Me Do” is no exception. The video sparked a lot of excitement and conversation with the many “old Taylors” that Taylor brings back and pokes at all of the moments from her past that have led to her current reputation. 

Taylor Swift on stage singing in a gold sequin dress
Photo by Eva Rinaldi from Flickr

The Reputation era continued to slay as “…Ready For It?” was released. The music video uses a “real” Taylor and a “robot” Taylor to represent how trapped the “real” Taylor was, and how with this album she is now free of her reputation and ready to move forward. 


With beautiful lyrics in songs like “Call It What You Want” and a second Taylor Swift-Ed Sheeran collaboration, it’s obvious this album is not going to disappoint fans of Taylor.


Reputation available now on iTunes!  

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