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What To Do At Night To Have A Great Morning

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We all know the feeling of sleeping through your alarm: waking up in panic, scrambling to find what you need for your day and suddenly you have nothing to wear. No one wants to start their day feeling unorganized, unprepared or unconfident. These mornings are inevitable but can mess up the rest of your day. Luckily, you can prevent this chaos by taking a few easy steps the night before: 

1. Pick out an outfit

Choosing an outfit as soon as I wake up has never gone well for me. I’m exhausted and can’t find anything cute, so I default to a sweat set. While those are comfy and exactly what I need some days, they don’t make me feel super confident all the time. I started checking the weather and laying out an outfit right before I go to bed and it’s been so helpful. It’s one less thing to think about in the morning and you’ll look fabulous all day!

2. Write out your to-do list

When we get into bed at night our minds can race. We have time and no distractions, so our thoughts take over. This can be extremely stressful and not allow you to fall asleep. Writing down your to-do list for the next day can silence some of that noise. You know you won’t be forgetting anything important and can sleep peacefully because of it. 

3. tidy up your space

A messy room leads to a messy mind, which is definitely not what we want in the mornings. Stepping over piles of clothes or rummaging through a messy desk to find what you need is not super fun and can be very anxiety-inducing. Cleaning and organizing your space for even ten minutes before you go to bed will lead to better sleep and set you up for a more relaxing morning. 

4. Prep what you can

Whether it’s getting your backpack ready, setting out your skincare lineup, putting workout clothes out, or having your breakfast ready to go, doing what you can the night before is so important. You won’t be overwhelmed when you wake up or think you’re forgetting something. Doing this also gives you more time in the morning, so you can sleep in!  

5. Set your alarm!

We all forget but please do it. Please. It will make your life so much better and reduce your stress levels. Having enough time in the morning to get ready before your day starts is so, so important. You won’t be rushing out the door, speed-walking, or driving wild. It takes two seconds, so set that alarm! 

Mornings are bad enough as they are, and causing more stress for yourself is completely unnecessary. Doing what you can at night ensures you have a successful morning. The morning sets the tone for the rest of your day, so make it great!

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