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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and classes are starting to wind down leading up to break. Whether you’re a freshman and this is your first time experiencing Thanksgiving break, or you’re an upperclassman who knows the joy of going home for an entire week, nothing beats spending quality time with family and friends. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because it allows me to reflect on what I’m grateful for and the special memories that I’ll make while I’m home. This holiday is different for everyone, whether you celebrate it or not, and can have different meanings associated with it. Below I listed what Thanksgiving means to me and why it’s such a special holiday.

1. Spending Time with Family

Family is so important because they’re the people you can rely on and be your true self with. During the holidays, I always feel so grateful that I have loving parents and two awesome brothers who I’m lucky to call my best friends, and sharing an amazing turkey dinner with them is something I look forward to every year. Telling stories from this past semester, playing board games, lounging around in the living room and watching movies after our meal, makes me realize that Thanksgiving isn’t just about the delicious food. It’s about being surrounded by the people you love most.

2. Cooking Together 

Thanksgiving is a great time to experiment in the kitchen and try out new recipes to add to the biggest meal of the year. Even if you’re not the best cook or baker, it’s always fun to just spend time with your family and share a laugh in the kitchen while the food is being prepared. I contribute to the Thanksgiving feast every year by making my famous sweet potato and marshmallow casserole that my entire family loves! Traditions make this holiday so special because as you get older, you can look back on all of the great memories you’ve made with loved ones. 

3. Being Thankful For What You Have and Giving Back

In such a crazy and fast paced word, sometimes we forget what we’re thankful for. We take the little things for granted, like health, money, food, family, a safe place to live and love. Some people may not be as lucky as others and don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because they don’t have a family, a place to live or money. I feel like it’s important to reflect on the things and people you’re grateful for, and if you want to go above and beyond, share your thankfulness to the less fortunate by volunteering and giving back. My hometown hosts “Giving Day” on Thanksgiving, and it’s my favorite event because people can donate food, warm clothing and blankets to those in need. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a genuine smile on someone’s face when you help them.

Treat people with kindness this holiday season.

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Rachel is a junior and the VP of Editorial for The University of Illinois' Her Campus chapter. She is a journalism major on a pre-law track.
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