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Travel Blog: Internships Here, There and Everywhere

Even though we have barely hit the holiday season, it is time to start thinking about summer internships. While you might have the mindset that you will go back to your hometown or stay in Champaign next summer, think outside of the box and pick a new, exciting city to call home for a few months.
Although many Illinois students migrate to Chicago for the summer months to pursue the early stages of their career goals, there are many other big city options to consider. After all, this is the time of your life to explore and find out what is right for you and where you want to be someday. Whether you are a senior or a freshman, graduation will come before you know it, so you should do as much as you can to be well prepared for that moment when the doors open to the real world.
If Chicago is too close to home and you want to spread your wings a little further, spread them to either the east coast or west coast. I’m personally a fan of New York City because I love that fast-paced lifestyle. If you are more laid back and want that California fun and sun, look for internships in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego. There are plenty of in-betweens to these extremes, but you need to start somewhere, and figuring out if you’re an east coast person or west coast person is a pretty big factor.

Photo - NYC

There are other options besides NYC and LA. My sister had an internship in Connecticut one summer that she absolutely loved because she was able to explore quaint New England towns in her free time. I’ve also had friends go to Kansas City, Mo. and Austin, Texas, both of which are young, hip and lively cities with a great nightlife.

Photo - LA

Personally, I want to go abroad next summer and see what Europe has to offer. If you are like me and are not studying abroad for an entire semester, make an internship in another country your study abroad experience.


Wherever you decide to go next summer, or in the future, it is always fun to branch out and explore a new place. Once you land that internship, use your time to learn about the city and yourself. Keep an open mind and try to find where you want to be after you graduate from U of I.

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