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Travel Blog: Cedar Point Weekend Getaway

Champaign Weekend Trip: Cedar Point, Ohio
One of the best weekend trips I have ever taken during school was a 6-hour road trip to Sandusky, Ohio to run around the country’s largest amusement park, Cedar Point. The tickets are pricey, but with 17 mind-blowing coasters right on Lake Erie, it is completely worth it. For those of you not into the big thrill rides, Cedar Point also has 58 non-coaster rides, holding bragging rights for having more rides than any other park in the world.

Cedar Point post card featuring the Mantis.

You’ll want to stay overnight after screaming your face off all day and there are several options. You can stay super cheap at a dive motel outside the park (believe me, it’s not too bad!) or you can splurge on a room inside the park with a beach view (even better!).

View of Lake Erie at sunset from the park hotel.

Now back to the face-melting, terror-inducing coasters. You’ve of course got to take a dive on the Millennium Force. The 310-foot beast has been selected as the “Best Steel Roller Coaster in the World” and it does not disappoint.
Tip: Stay away from the ride at dusk. I’ve seen people get off picking bugs off their face, teeth and arms.

Cedar Point post card featuring the Millennium Force.

The Millennium Force is the park’s most famous ride, but my personal favorite has to be the Maverick. I’ve ridden a lot of roller coasters in my time, but this one really threw me for a loop. (Get it?) Don’t let it’s lack of height fool you.
Other park highlights include giant turkey legs, fortunetellers and cheesy shows. Oh, there’s also an 18-acre water park on site. You’ll have to go yourself because if I keep going this blog post is going to turn into a term paper!
My suggestion: Grab your daredevil friends, one preferably with a big van, and hit the road this fall for a Cedar Point study break. 

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