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Top Ten Blog: Top Ten Ways to Relive Childhood

 I think we can all agree that the 90s was the best decade to grow up in. Therefore, we are allowed to display some decade snobbery.  Admit it, 80s, your movies may rock, but we had Boy Meets World and the Backstreet Boys.  Yep, we really lived it up in the 90s, and sometimes it is necessary to reminisce on the things we called fun back in ’99.  Grab your cell phone that, nowadays, conveniently fits in your pocket and call up the crew.  Time to rewind the clock.

1. Choreograph a Britney Spears song: I’m sure you still remember the moves to the last one, but trade in “Oops I Did It Again” for “Lucky” and start from the top.  Oh, and be sure to fight with your best friend about who gets to be the lead. 

2. Play CDs on your Boombox: Mine was purple and had a handle that let me take it everywhere.  It mostly played the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack, put up with a strange Smash Mouth phase, and was nice enough not to scratch my beloved “Justified” album (still a personal favorite).

3. Whitewash your denim: You’ve got to admit, those pictures of you and your first grade class all clad in head to toe whitewash are just precious.  I’d say enough time has passed to bring that back. Maybe you can even add some sweet patches.

4. Embrace your HUGE glasses: Yes, you may be dreading the day your children find a childhood picture of you in overalls and glasses with frames that pretty much go from forehead to chin, but look around; try and tell me that super-huge glasses aren’t creeping their way back into style. It is time to lose the embarrassment and accept your eyewear in all its glory.

5. Memorize phone numbers: Remember when calling your best friend meant picking up a landline and punching in that seven-digit code? Archaic, I know, but I think it’s kind of sad that I have to scroll through my contacts to call my closest companions or double check my dad’s number.

6. Revel in glorious TV: Recently, I’ve been seeing commercials advertising rebroadcasting 90s television. We already know “The 90s are All That.” Time to grab the popcorn and a spot on the couch, just in time for Kenan & Kel and some Saved by the Bell(are you singing the theme songs in your head yet?).

7. Debate Backstreet Boys vs. N’SYNC: Who knew Justin Timberlake would evolve into the JT we know today?  I can answer that: me.  Justin, your poster will forever have a spot on my wall.  And while I did tend to favor the Backstreet Boys in my youth (big “Larger than Life” fan), N’SYNC was well represented.  Mom and Dad, I’m sure you probably remember all the lyrics to both bands.  You’re welcome. 

8. Make Power bead bracelets: I have a confession to make: I still have an original Power bead bracelet… and wear it.  Regardless, Power beads and all their different meanings were super fun to make and give to friends.  Who wouldn’t want to wear some Strength around their wrist?

9. Go to your first concert (again): This might be a tough task to complete seeing as most of our favorite boy bands have disbanded and Britney has kids, but it begs the question, “If you could go back and change your first live show, would you?”

10. Use gel pens: You know, I have been noticing that my class notes have been looking a little, what’s the word, boring.  While they seemed to last only halfway through the school year, they definitely made their mark, or should I say ink stain. Gel pens made that note you passed to your crush across the classroom seem extra special – if you really liked him, every word would be a different color.

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