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Top Ten Blog: Top Ten Move-In Must-Haves

Despite the long lists we see on the housing website and in advice columns, there are still items that people miss when they are moving away to college. These obscure gems will be dearly missed when you realize it after mom and dad have already pulled out of the parking lot. To avoid situations like this, we created the top ten list of must-haves for your dorm or apartment!

Your Own Cart
Now, this first one sounds strange, but come move-in day, the dorm will run out of carts and quick. Whenever you are doing any sort of big move, these little wooden wonders are a nice relief. They definitely save you a trip or two. Just make sure it does not get stolen!

Box Fan
Whether you have air conditioning in your room or not, housing can get a little stuffy in the first and last months of the year. For dorms without air conditioning, just the window fan is not going to cut it. These smaller, more movable fans keep you cool and come in a variety of decorative colors. Do not let yourself leave for college without one.

While these are commonly written off as being used by freshmen only, lanyards come in handy all the time. Obviously, you do not have the wear them around your neck. Your pockets and purse are also good options. It makes rummaging for your keys or I-Card less of a chore! Do not be scared of the heckling of others. Buy one of these.

Rain Boots
With the foul and rainy weather that plagues Illinois, rain boots are both a functional and stylish choice for living on campus. From knee high to ankle high, there are numerous options on rainy day gear. No one wants to walk to class with their socks and pant legs soaked.

Closet Storage (Shoe Racks, Hanging Organizers, Etc.)
Although housing, as well as apartment, gives us “plenty” of closet space, utilizing your space is a must. Whether you have a hanging shoe rack or several plastic tubs, the need for specialized closet organizers is high. Let’s face it. You do not want to open your closet door, only for everything to come crashing down on top of you.

Desk Top Organizer
This is yet another accessory that can be very personalized or uniform depending on where you shop. They can resemble a cityscape or perhaps an adorable animal. Either way, they can hold everything from papers to pens to other office supplies. It always beats digging through a desk drawer to find one paper clip.

Flash Drive
Flash drivers especially come in handy if you have a paper to print off but no printer or a presentation to give in class that requires you to bring in a copy of it show off your teacher’s computer. They carry just enough information when it counts. Your computer may crash, and there goes your term paper! Luckily, you already had it moved to your flash drive. See the appeal?

Shower Flip-Flops
Dorm bathrooms are bad enough, but can you imagine what could be touching your bare feet? Flip-flops are a bit void in an apartment, but in any unfamiliar surrounding, these are important to have. Several stores, such as Target and Walmart, also sell really cheap flip-flops.

Water Bottles or Cups
The trek across campus can get really tiring, and eventually, you will get sick of the money spent at Starbucks and vending machines. Bring a water bottle and simply fill them up at a water fountain before going anywhere. Cups also come into play when you just want a quick drink before bed, and you do not feel like opening up a can of Coke or making coffee. Who knows, you may also have visitors, and sharing is caring!

Just a Little Something from Home
As the saying goes, “home is where the heart is.” You do not have to bring your entire room from home to school with you. Just bring something like a couple pictures of friends and family or your favorite blanket, even a stuffed animal is accepted at the university. It is the little things that make us happy in life.

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